Ghost Adventures – The National Hotel – S06E04

Zak, Nick and Aaron head out to Nevada City, California and another gold rush town with a checkered past. As with any mining towns there are stories of murder, prostitution, greed and envy, just like the last episode we watched. It has all the makings of some interesting experiences.

So what are the claims of this city?

There are reports of a girl seeing an apparition while lying in her bed. That woman was supposedly floating above the floor. There are also reports of a little girl that rides her tricycle around the hotel.

There are mining tunnels under the city that collapsed and killed Chinese miners. Is this a real story or is it just another story that’s been handed down? There is speculation as to whether or not those are real mining tunnels. To find out more they head over to The Old Brewery/Stonehouse to ask about the history. They’re lead to a tunnel opening and promptly head down. The owners have converted some of the caves into storage. It’s certainly odd and by all means creepy. Where does it all lead to? That part seems to be worth investigating.

Unfortunately, they really don’t confirm or dispute the mining accidents. It looks like a mining tunnel with some makeshift support beams. However, considering the less than spectacular working conditions of the time, a cave-in would be pretty much guaranteed.So I have no doubt miners of some sort lost their lives in that mess.

Finally, there is the confirmed story of a local drug dealer (Kevin McClure) who shot and killed himself rather than surrender to the police. He shot himself in the head and died in the bathroom of the hotel room.

The investigation starts with Aaron and Billy doing an EVP session at the entrance of the tunnel opening in The Old Brewery. They spend quite a bit of time talking and listening, but walk away without gathering any evidence.

Zak and Nick head over to where Kevin shot and killed himself, but after multiple tries they don’t get any responses.

As they move locations they try to make contact with the little girl that supposedly rides a tricycle around the place. They set up an EMF teddy bear which starts to light up as though something is trying to play with it.That’s some pretty interesting stuff right there. It doesn’t appear anything is around the bear, but it lights up. As Zak says, there was no voice captured to go along with the incident. Does this mean the bear is having a short or was there a little girl trying to play with it?

As the investigation comes to an end Aaron heads upstairs and gets all turned around when it comes to a set of doors between two rooms. Aaron claims that the doors are locked, but when he walks around the corner and checks the doors again, it’s unlocked. Is the lock faulty? Is someone really opening it? Is Aaron just confused?

Mining towns are always pretty damn cool and this place sounds like it has just as dubious a history as other gold rush towns. But is this one haunted? Did Zak and the gang capture enough evidence to support the claims? I think they came up a little empty handed on this one, but at least they didn’t claim everything was absolutely proof of the paranormal. I do like that Zak has been refuting a lot of the stories people have been telling him.

It will be interesting if they feel compelled to go back into those tunnels.

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