Ghost Adventures – Killer Nightlife – S07E15

Here we have yet ANOTHER highlight reel from previous investigations. This time it’s all about haunted nightclubs including Bobby Mackey’s Music World, The Old Washoe Club, Kell’s Irish Pub, The Lyceum, Moon River Brewing Company and Excalibur Club.

Quite honestly these recap shows really getting boring. If there aren’t any new episodes, that’s fine, but this continually slicing together previous footage is getting old. When you start doing "Greatest Hits" it’s usually the precursor to retirement. Seven years has been a good run so no one can complain about that, but if that’s the route we’re going, let’s have something better than this.

Maybe this is an end of the year thing and something new will be coming once we get to the new year. Let’s hope so anyway, I’m bored as hell with what they’re doing now.

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