Haunted Collector – Spirits of Gettysburg and Headless Horseman – S03E06

Spirits of Gettysburg

Gettysburg, perhaps on of the most famous names and places in the US. John heads out to the Herr House in Pennsylvania to investigate reports of knives embedding themselves into the floor, doors slamming, apparitions and even disembodied body parts. It all sounds a bit gruesome, but the house was seized during the war and turned into a Confederate hospital. Amputations would have been common so death and the removing of injured limbs would have certainly taken place.

Chris spends the night in the house and hears someone trying to open the door to his room. This leads him to investigate and he feels he hears the trap door opening. This is a trap door reportedly used by Davey Lewis and his partner Vincent Connelly to smuggle and hide counterfeit money.

As they continue the investigation they capture what looks to be a very solid and very tangible shadow figure walking towards that same trap door. Chris and John search the small little room and find an usual key. It turns out to be the key to the pick proof lock. It would have been expensive and would have been used to keep people out of something like a small strongbox.

John believes this key is linked to Davey Lewis who was hiding money from his partner in crime Vincent Connelly. Is John trying to find the money or is Vincent? It makes for a good story, but the team doesn’t capture any of the evidence surrounding the place. There are no footsteps, there are certainly no knives flying around the place, there are no severed limbs, scream or footsteps. There is the doorknob shaking which is interesting, but no conclusive on it’s own. And there is the figure walking across the room. Now, that could have been the shadow of someone behind the camera or a play of light coming in from outside. But if not, that definitely looks like a figure crossing the room. Tying it to Davey Lewis might be a stretch, but it’s worthy of more investigation.

Headless Horseman

This has got to be the most absurd and preposterous story I’ve heard in a long time! Are you really going to believe in Headless Horseman outside of a Disney story? Now, there is truth to this legend in that Julian Garesh was indeed decapitated by a cannonball while his friend, William Rosecrans rode along with him. A complete accident that may have happened more times than we would think.

The claims of the paranormal include blood on the stairs, apparitions, footsteps and of course the headless horseman. Nothing even remotely close to this makes an appearance during the investigation. To be honest, this all sounds like wishful thinking by a Bed and Breakfast owner who wants to generate some business for himself.

About the only thing they do come up with is the name "Rosie" when Jason and Aimee get to the end of the path and enter the family cemetery. While at the Bowyer mausoleum they speak to John and he hears that name in the static. Is this referring to Rosecrans who was there when the Garesh was killed? It’s quite a stretch but to keep things moving the get reading off a military patch that would have been worn by officers.

John links the two and takes the patch out of the house which causes all the non-existent activity we’ve seen so far to stop and there are no further reports of the headless horseman.

Really? Words fail me at how to describe the second part of this episode. No more reports of a headless horseman, who would have thought that possible????

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