Deep South Paranormal – Old Soldiers Never Die – S01E04

The team heads down to Florida to investigate a home with some unusual activity such as shadow figures, the feeling of being touched and even a sense of being held down in bed. The entire family says they’ve had experiences and seen things, with the son Cameron getting the worst of it. He’s the one that was held down in bed. He doesn’t like being in the house alone. In fact, he usually won’t go in by himself.

The investigation starts with checking out the various rooms with Jonathan feeling some pressure on his chest while lying in Cameron’s bed. It feels like something is holding him down and he gets a massive headache from the experience. Normally, this sort of thing can be attributed to sleep paralysis, but Jonathan was awake the entire time. Is there something else causing this like fumes from the wood in the house or some form of gas leak? Just putting the paranormal aside for the moment, it seems like that room needs to be checked for pollutants.

Footsteps are heard throughout the house, but that really doesn’t come as too big a surprise since the entire house is made of wood. It’s a massive log cabin and as the house settles for the night it will expand and contract making sounds like footsteps.

The investigation of the house comes to a bit of an abrupt end as Kali and Kevin hear noises in the growth as they watch the monitors. Since they’re outside you would expect noises to come from animals walking in the scrub, but the entire team assembles to search the grounds. The area surrounding the property is part of a Civil War battle and they believe the spirits are at work here.

By happenstance there is a war re-enactment going on so they borrow a trigger object of a powder bag. Keith, Randy and Jonathan try shooting the gun, giving out a Rebel Yell (Billy Idol nowhere to be found, FYI) and enacting a wounded solider. The wind picks up in the area, but that really doesn’t come across as all that odd.

What is odd is that one of the IR cameras gives out right after a dark figure appears in the woods. They capture perhaps or or two frames of something, but it has them convinced of supernatural entities.

In the end, they feel the family will have to live with the spirits and that being so close to the battleground is fueling the activity. But seriously, what evidence?

In my estimation I don’t think they were able to document any real activity. The footsteps can easily be the house itself creaking. Cameron’s room does seem to have something odd with it, but that could be a chemical reaction to the paint or other building materials. I’m sure the entire house is coated in some sort of wood protectant. Before we jump to conclusions how about you get a hazmat style team over there to make sure there’s nothing alien in the air that would be causing those feelings. Maybe their is a presence there, but I think plenty of other things need to be eliminated first.

What about that shadow in the woods? Is that something paranormal or was that the shadow of the animal they may have been chasing around the woods all night. Let’s face it, it’s the woods. There are animals out there. That is certainly more likely than the presence of a Civial War soldier.

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