Ghost Adventures – Bonnie Springs Ranch – S04E17

Bonnie Spring Ranch was part of the Spanish trail and was used by settlers trying to make their way to California. The area is rugged and many people would have been stranded, attacked by bandits or would have run out of supplies on the trial. For this reason the team thinks there is a lot of activity out here.

To make peace with the spirits and show their appreciation they invite the Southern Paiute Indians to come out and perform a ceremony and give them a blessing for the investigation. They also head out to some cliffs where they turn right around and come back to the investigation site. Not sure what this was all about but it seemed pretty pointless to me.

The Opera House and the Wax Museum are the hot spots of the area, but the reported activity is pretty mild if you ask me. People feel cold spots, a wax figure keeps being moved around (curse those vandals) and an investigator claims she got scratched.

But the team gets ready for what I think turns out to be a pretty uneventful investigation. While looking around Aaron thinks he hears some sort of chant going on. In reality that sound could be coming from anywhere. Sound has a tendency to travel ya know.

There is also the claim on an EVP of "come here". It really doesn’t lead to much else and there is no other communication. They try to get more EVPs by having Joe try and stir up the place by asking why the spirit is angry. The most they get is Billy (the audio tech) feeling some static. I really can’t say that is evidence of anything.

Obviously the place has to be haunted and they couldn’t have come all this way for nothing so they claim to see an apparition coming out of a doorway. I can’t make that out, but they repeatedly claim it’s there.

For the final piece of evidence they hear footsteps wandering around.

I really don’t think they got much out of this one. In truth I think they knew things were a little slow so they started reaching and trying to make something out of nothing. Maybe something was going on, maybe that was an apparition, and maybe those were the boots of some long gone cowboy, but then again when you let your imagination run wild anything is possible.

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