Deep South Paranormal – Til Death Do Us Part – S01E02

So here is the second episode in this new series and it’s not really coming together the way I had hoped. I really don’t get the feeling these guys know what the hell they’re doing and they seem more intent on screwing around and playing in the mud than discovering anything. And to be perfectly honest, Hart is coming across as a senile old coot. He talks a good game, but he jumps at everything and as we see in this episode he tucks tail and runs for the hills at the most mundane of things.

This team begins their investigation at Mont Helena in Rolling Fork, Mississippi. The story goes something like this – Helen fell in love with Henry. For reasons I don’t believe they elaborated on, Henry gets into an argument with his friend. The argument is settled with a duel which Henry loses. Henry is slain and Helen is left a shattered woman.

What ends up happening in the house is activity seems to pick up when a play is put on that describes the tragic events surrounding Helen’s life. As part of the investigation, the play is put on while the team checks for evidence. Oddly they get a Rem Pod going off repeatedly during the singing portion. They don’t have any EVPs or thermal imaging going on, but the Rem Pod is indeed active.

A part that makes no sense to me is Keith plays his guitar to try and coax Helen to continue making contact and Jonathan loses his damn mind over a dead bird. Oh my goodness!!! A dead bird, out on a farm!! This has to be the work of the paranormal.

We’ll skip over the part where they go playing in the mud. Their goal was to get to the Vick home, to learn more about Henry. Still, very little is revealed about why this duel took place. Did I miss something?

They do get some trigger objects and personal items. Keith and Benny use these to try and make contact with Henry. While they don’t get any direct communication with him, Keith claims he feels an overwhelming sadness in the house.He’s almost brought to tears. As you may expect they hear a lot of footsteps. Considering how old the building is that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Kali sits with one of the dolls that has been collected by the Vick family. After making contact using the Rem Pod, it appears the spirit wants spend time with Kali. Over time it appears some dark shadow may be forming just above her shoulder. Randy takes this as an aggressive sign and has a bit of show down. Perhaps as a way of showing off his myriad of tattoos, he throws down the flashlight and pulls off his shirt. In a sign of bravado he asks the spirit to touch him, which it may have likely done. We see him jump and bend over as though something has happened. Right after that, Randy is packing up and running away. He says it’s out of respect because they understand each other. I’m not inclined to agree. I think Randy is making an unscheduled underwear change.

Speaking of underwear changes, in the old church, Hart is ringing the bell to try and summon Helen. He says bells attract spirits. Perhaps he’s watched It’s A Wonderful Life one too many times. To that end, he pulls on the church bell three times, giving it firm tugs to make sure it rings loud and clear. When physics takes over and the momentum causes the bell to ring a fourth time, he starts screaming a bunch of gibberish and runs for the door. This makes me wonder if these guys should really be doing this sort of thing.

By the time we get to the end, I’m shaking my head at how foolish all of this comes across. Sure, there does appear to be something happening during the play and that is worthy of more investigation, but taking thermal hits of a dead bird and claiming it’s the paranormal? Idiotic. And pulling on a rope three times then crapping yourself when it rings one more time is just stupid. It’s like Abbott and Costello doing a paranormal investigation. This team really doesn’t seem savvy enough to work with and understand the paranormal. Everyone has their own style, but this isn’t looking too good.

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