Ghost Adventures – The Black Swan Inn – S08E02

Unfortunately, the useless and pointless dramatics continue, this time with distorted figures, a painting bleeding from it’s eyes and ridiculous reenactments with dismembered and bloodied soldiers. Is this really doing anything to sell the story? These cheap theatrics are really pretty sad.

But that being sad, Zak, Nick and Aaron head off to San Antonio, Texas to investigate the Black Swan Inn. It was established in 1867 as a small dairy plantation. And to try and make a connection to some paranormal activity, Zak points out it was the part of the site of the Battle of Salado, where 60 Mexicans soldiers were killed when they took on a Texas militia.

The claims are the house are a little unusual. Jo Ann, the owner of the property, says that women are touched sexually and she has been touched on the inner thigh. There are also reports of a shadow figure with glowing red eyes as reported by Jo Ann’s daughter.

An extremely odd claim comes from Viktor Salazar who says he heard a voice say, "I’ll hurt you", "I’ll kill you." This was followed by a crushing pressure inside his body. The story goes deeper in that Viktor went to the hospital right after his visit to the Inn and had to have his gallbladder removed. Oddly, it was twisted and crushed. But that’s not all. After that was over he suffered a stroke. He, and his wife believe this is the work of the spirits that wander the grounds of the Inn. Is Viktor simply in poor health with some previously unknown medical conditions or did an angry spirit reach into him and cause him harm?

Like the previous investigation we actually get some decent EVPs this time around. Zak asks multiple questions and get responses that actually make sense.

When asked how many spirits are in the house, he gets the answer of "8".

When he asks for the name of someone in the house, he gets the response "Madison", the name of Jo Ann’s daughter.

Zak asks which battle occurred on the land and gets a response of "which one". Apparently the Battle of Salado isn’t the only bloodshed seen on this land?

And oddly, right as the investigation starts there is the sound of heavy footsteps walking across the floor above them. And to be honest, it’s really hard to discount those. It really does sound like someone in boots walking across the floor. But they don’t find anyone and don’t capture anything about it.

Jo Ann’s mother passed away in the house 6 months earlier and like Houdini, she set up a code word with her mother to know it was her. Zak and Jo Ann try to make contact and according to Jo Ann, she hears the word she’s been waiting for. Bossier was the name of the town her mother wanted to visit before she died. The word is pretty hard to hear, but Jo Ann is quite convinced it’s what she’s been waiting for.

As far as negative energy goes, nothing really comes across. There are the footsteps, but they don’t get the hostility that Viktor experienced. There is no "I hate you", or "I’ll kill you" or any other threats. They don’t capture any shadow figures or get a sense of darkness around the house. They believe the dark energy the others have experienced is a Texan who may have died in the battle with the Mexican or may be a survivor who was bitter toward the battle and the attempt to take the land. But unfortunately they aren’t able to prove anything. Also, there is no touching that would match the original claims made by Jo Ann.

So is there a dark energy in the house? At least one thing can be debunked. The shadow figure with the red eyes is more than likely a rat, or series of rats that have made a home in Madison’s bedroom. They capture the little devils on the night vision camera. This would also explain the pinches and bruises she received. It also proves there are animals in the house which may account for lots of other experiences and noises.

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