Deep South Paranormal – Got Them Lady In Black Blues – S01E03

The team heads out to Prattville, Alabama to investigate the Pratt Cotton Gin which claims to have reports of the Lady in Black and the spirit of a young boy who died when he fell down the elevator shaft. Obviously this is an old mill and both child labor and worker deaths would have been common. OCSA didn’t get much play back in the day.

As the team talks with locals including the police, retired workers of the mill and the mayor, they discover the boy who died was most likely named Willy Youngblood and the Lady in Black may be his mother. After his passing she became so distraught that she drowned herself in the river by the dam.

It’s a massive structure covering some 400,000 square feet so the team spends the next couple of days going to different locations. They culminate their investigation by having Hart try to summon her energy as he takes a boat out to the location where she drowned. The rest of the team investigates the other buildings and tries for EVPs.

As Hart and Randy continue their ceremony on the water, it appears a figure is caught moving across the dam. It’s looks to be a small shadow figure. From the distance and the grainy quality, it’s hard to tell what they have. Did they actually capture something or is this a shadow being cast from some other means? At first glance it appears to be a figure, but it’s very hard to tell.

Over the course of their investigation they really didn’t capture much else. They feel they got an EVP of "Mama" and Keith felt as though things were being tossed at him from the top of the building, but as with all old buildings, who’s to say that’s not an animal scurrying around?

So what do you think, did they capture the Lady in Black? Is that truly an apparition walking around by the dam? Did Hart really have the mojo to make her appear?

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