Ghost Adventures – Mackay Mansion – S13E02


For this outing of Ghost Adventures, Zak is visiting the Mackay Mansion, in Virginia City, Nevada. The mansion was built in 1875 by John Mackay who made his money through mining. Nick Guerra is the current owner of the house and says there are strange events taking place. He says there is the sound of little girls and a shadow man. There is also the claim that John Mackay walks around his old house. Further, there is an old vault, where it is said two men were killed, shot in the chest, while they tried to rob it.

As they start the interviews and get a sense of the location, the owner Nick, says he’s feeling dizzy. This coincides with a bump. When Zak goes to look at the vault, he says he has chest pains, a phantom pain of the men who tried to rob it.

On the third floor are the bedrooms, where most of the energy is said to reside. People say when they enter, there is a scary feeling, a feeling of evil. In the other bedroom, the quilt is continually moved and bunched up. Two girls supposedly died from illness in these rooms. They also hear from an investigator who played guitar for the girls and claims he got the words, hug, loving and kiss. When finished, he got the word, mommy.

There is a second location for this investigation, the old bank building. It supposedly has a portal of dark energy in the basement. Workman claim to have seen a figure and found their hammer standing on end, because only a spirit could stand a hammer on end. When Zak asks for the figure to throw something, they get a noise. While taking temperature readings, they get 66.6. Additionally, Zak claims to get pushed, while the recorder picks up, “leave him” at the same moment.

When the investigation starts, Zak heads to the bank building, while Aaron goes to Mackay Mansion. After Zak asks for a sign, he goes into a panic. While he and Billy are in the basement, they become absolutely terrified because they believe a lightbulb broke and another was thrown at them. As Billy and Zak continue their investigation in the basement, the two become hysterical with fear. Zak claims something walked through him and sees an orb on the playback. Billy feels something cold touch him, while Zak says something is grabbing him. He also sees a mist and hears the words, “hi” and “goodbye” on the spirit box.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Jay are having their own troubles in the bank. They have found a padlocked door and want to take a peek inside. As Jay works on the latch, he hears a growling sound. This causes him to tumble down the stairs. However, Zak believes Jay was thrown down the stairs by the dark energy in the mansion. Also during this investigation, Aaron once again explains how he feels dizzy and feels a dark energy.

As they are getting ready to bring the night to an end, Aaron says he hears Zak’s voice over the walkie talkie. Problem is, Zak doesn’t have a walkie talkie on him.

This episode was a comedy or errors. Zak is a sucker for the temperature reading, 66.6. Sure, it’s an interesting number, but every house that tries to heat itself to 70 or cool itself to 65, will at some point, be 66.6 degrees.

Zak claims he got pushed, because he was standing still. Actually, he wasn’t, and the room is filled with debris and crates.

They claim Jay was pushed or pulled down the stairs when trying to get into the attic. No, he wasn’t, he panicked and fell down the ladder on his own. And the growl? I’m sure that wasn’t a stray animal or a sound from outside.

Billy and Zak, quite literally come apart at the sound of a lightbulb filament popping. Why is that so alarming? The bulb wasn’t thrown at them. No one got hit with it. There are no shattered pieces. It’s more alarming that someone still uses filament bulbs.

As for the walkie talkie? Those only come in a few preset frequencies. Not hard to imagine someone close by has a set of their own.

It’s also routine for Aaron to say he feels dizzy. That comes up in nearly every episode now.

Further, Zak is now seeing orbs everywhere. Instead of taking them for the dust particles they most likely are, he fervently states they are dark energy.

It’s also the norm for Zak to stress how evil and dark a location is, before stepping foot inside. He’s already convinced he will experience dark energy and gets ready for a showdown. And that’s what he gets. Anything else would prove he was wrong, and he can’t have that.

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  • Ed says:

    Another show repackaged as an Extra Pulses episode. I was actually coming to post about the 66.6 degree temperature reading. Zak and co. make such a big deal about it and yet, as the readings are being observed, we see the temperature drop from around 67. Later on during the investigations, temperatures at another location are reading around 65. Yet, no comments are made about *these* mysterious numbers. Beside that, we have the usual folk lore and dubious history which Zak tries to weave into whatever “evidence” he can find, mostly going from point A to point Z. (Case in point, was there ever documentation of a child named “Emma”?) As mentioned, all of the scenes of Zak et al getting scared and freaking out didn’t help in making any of their findings seem rational.

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