Ghost Mine Season 2 Special – Back on the Mountain

A new season of Ghost Mine has begun and they started things off with a special episode. We get a chance to look back over some of the events that already happened and get a glimpse of what’s to come.

I found this show pretty interesting last time around, but I have my suspicions about some of the things going on. I’m not totally on board with this Masonic "connection". Again, not everything related to the Masons is a conspiracy or should be considered some sort of dark magic. There is no doubt they had power and influence, especially in mining towns like this one, but let’s not get all crazy and turn them into a scapegoat.

Anyway, I like the format of this show and how it’s a single investigation that goes on for multiple days. They don’t just pop into the mine, wander around in the dark talking to themselves and then bolt out of there. They’re actually checking the place out and investigating multiple places. And there are still a ton of questions left over from last season, for example, what the hell was that loud bang that happened when they were in the cook shack? It was like something exploded or slammed into the side of it, but yet there was no damage and no one was around. Additionally, what happened to the opening of the mine? Was that just a regular collapse or did someone deliberately do that? There was a fair bit of suspicion being placed on the mine owner, as though he did it so he could keep the gold for himself. And what about that helpful stranger that said the mine owner was holding back a lot of information? Did we ever get to the bottom of that?

Besides a recap of the previous season we get a bit of a hint for what they’re up to this time around. Patrick has made an industrial version of RIPA, which is actually pretty cool. Apparently, the show got a bigger budget for season 2. We also see that "Duck", the explosives expert who walked out of the mine after he was spooked by the Tommy Knockers has made a return. It appears the lure of gold is stronger than his aversion of the spirit world. It is interesting to note how these guys don’t believe in spirits, yet they’re quite a superstitious lot. But now the band is back together so we’ll have to see what happens for here.

Will the mine turn out to have some sort of energy associate with it or is there a rational explanation for everything that’s happened? To be honest, there have been some "unusual" things, but I don’t feel they’ve hit on anything truly paranormal. Again, this is a mine, the air can be odd, sounds can travel, animals can lurk, water makes odd sounds, the wind can enter from other places, there will be odd echoes and plenty of other things that can make you feel something is going on, but they’re still naturally occurring events. Either way, it’s still a fun ride and I’m looking forward to what they discover.

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