Ghost Adventures – Missouri State Prison – S08E04

Ok seriously, the theatrics have got to stop they’re annoying the shit out of me!!!

For this investigation the guys visit the Missouri State Prison which was dubbed the Bloodiest 47 Acres in History. Prison shouldn’t be a cake walk, but that seems pretty desperate. The prison was extremely violent with plenty of inmate violence as well as sending 40 prisoners to the gas chamber. It’s also reported that an epidemic of some sort broke out at the prison and the hundreds who died where simply buried in a mass grave. That gravesite now has a parking lot over it. The prison was also known for it’s "Dungeon" level where prisoners where actually tortured. They were beaten, whipped, "water cured", chained up and left in total darkness. This does sound like a pretty damn brutal place.

While they capture the usual evidence of bumps, bangs and crappy EVPs, it’s the conversation they have with the Ovilus. Billy and Jay get a slew of very usual words like talking to the prisoners. For example, they get, Reverend, Information and Jesus. Then comes Change and Bible. This is followed by Demon. When Zak and Nick come back after their investigation it continues with Will, Twist, Men, Apart and See, Nick. I’m not really a fan of that box, but wow, that is a ton of words and some really usual ones too. The See, Nick is really odd since that happens right after Nick actually walks into the room.

Zak claims to feel all sorts of pains and sadness while down in the lower part of the prison and there is the sound of footsteps and banging all through the place. Hard to say what’s going on with those, but it is a prison, it’s creepy, it’s dark, so who knows.

The EVPs were quite weak and faint. Unlike the first episode where they seemed really clear, I couldn’t make out a single word from any of them. I don’t really agree with the "I ain’t breathin" that Zak hears as his chest is hurting, nor do I agree with the "Sorry" in the gas chamber. They just come across too garbled for me.

The final piece of evidence is something flying across the screen. It looks like some sort of spinning or twisting orb. It is odd, but I don’t know if it’s really "orb" evidence.

For this episode, the Ovilus is the most interesting. That is just a ton of words. Perhaps they’re completely random, but if not, it comes across as a very odd message. It could be taken as someone looking for redemption. They might be in trapped in Purgatory with the demons. It certainly paints a grim picture.

This prison sounds like a pretty heinous place and perhaps things went a little overboard during it’s day. I don’t know if there are trapped souls or not, but if there are, that is a pretty awful place to end up.

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