Ghost Mine – Massacre at Hell’s Canyon – S02E07

  image What a fascinating episode! While the "evidence" may be a little light, this episode was full of events that leave you wondering.

First of all, we have the mysterious fire from last week. It’s odd that the roads they’re using show as a bit muddy and wet, yet a fire breaks out. They of course have to abandon ship and head for town or else get cut off. That lull in the work schedule means they can spend time with family, but it also means they’re losing daylight as to finishing the work and collecting the gold.

And with that lull, Patrick and Kristen head down to Hell’s Canyon to the site of the Chinese massacre that look the lives of over 30 miners. It’s a bumpy boat ride, but they make camp to investigate the area and see if the can make some sort of contact. But you have to keep in mind, this place isn’t called Snake River for nothing.

What I think is awesome if that they’re finally asking questions in Cantonese. I had a feeling this was coming and it’s great to see Patrick working to make contact in their native language.

Meanwhile, with Patrick and Kristen gone, the miners experience a slew of mechanical problems. The generator malfunctions multiple times, the compressor won’t operate correctly, they’re all plunged into darkness, they’re falling behind in their work at a rapid pace. Further, when Duck and Greybeard are in the mine, Duck says he can hear someone working, and low and behold, if you listen carefully you can hear the ting and bang of what sounds like a hammer hitting metal and rock. Obviously that’s not an EVP so what’s making that noise?

Then we have two final major malfunctions. First, as Patrick and Kristen are investigating during the night they’re woken by the motion sensors Patrick put out. They don’t want some wild animal to spring up on them. Oddly, it’s not just one sensor going off, but all of them. It’s like they’re surrounded. And then, as though Patrick has been bitten by something, he becomes short of breath and looks like he’s going to pass out. Is this the work of an animal that may have bitten him or have they finally gotten a response? Either way, they’ll have to tough it out until the sun comes up and their guide comes back for them.

Next, we have an outlandish situation at the mine. Jamal finally gets his turn on the mucker and seems to be doing well. The team is making progress and looks like they might be on track. That is until the mucker actually catches fire inside the mine! With all the other malfunctions and all the other problems, things turn dangerous when the back of the rig bursts into flame with Jamal still in the driver’s seat. Dingus hauls him out of there and the two make a run for it. But where are they going to go?

Things have gone horribly wrong. Not only have the work team been split into two to try and make up lost ground, but Patrick and Kristen have split from the group and have a possibly medical issue on their hands. Now the equipment is catching fire putting the guys at serious risk.

Wow, things are out of hand! Knocks and bumps are one thing, but egad, this looks bad. So the obvious question, is this the work of the paranormal or a saboteur? I can dismiss a machine breaking down, that happens with that kind of use and those filthy conditions, but this much carnage comes across as something else. Either someone has vandalized the hell out of the their equipment while they were away during the fire or there is one pissed off set of spirits stopping them from getting the gold.

Vengeful spirits or jealous claim jumper? What do we have going on here? Things are getting kind of serious.

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