Hannibal makes it to Season 3, Dracula gets a stake through the heart

I have to say, NBC is quick to cancel shows. In the 11th hour they renewed Hannibal, but decided Dracula wasn’t worth keeping around. I’m truly excited over Hannibal coming back, although I have my doubts we’ll see a 4th season and thus the retelling of the Hannibal series of movies. The shows seems to be struggling, at least according to NBC. I personally think the show is an enormous hit and a bit of a cult classic. It just not as big as the Reality Show dreck that so many people are used to watching. Here’s to hoping we see more of the Hannibal story past his getting caught in Season 3. No, that’s not a spoiler, he would have to get caught in order to make it fit with Red Dragon.

I’m little disappointed we won’t see any more Dracula. I think they had an interesting take on the story and things were just starting to pick up steam. It takes more than 2 episodes to generate a following and I feel Dracula was just starting to build and audience. You have to remember the original story is over 400 pages so there is a lot of ground to cover. Rewriting that story and tossing it out in one season is a hard sell. You have to build that audience over time. Maybe some of these shows will resurface on cable somewhere. You know, not everything has to be a remake of True Blood – a series I never developed a fondness for. This is now part of the series of vampire shows that failed for me. We have Dracula, True Blood and Moonlight (from many years ago).

Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows

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