Hannibal – Tome-Wan – S02E12

So we’re now just one episode away from the season finale of Hannibal and things took a grizzly and unexpected turn. Not only are Hannibal and Will playing a dangerous game, but we see hints that Jack may be pulling the strings and intends to risk everything to get what we wants. Dr Du Maurier has resurfaced and offers some shocking insight into both Will and Hannibal. And there is more to the attack on her from a patient than we previously knew. While Hannibal may be sympathetic to the incident, there are a few more details.

Hannibal has also grown tired of Mason Verger and feels that it would be in everyone’s best interest if he and Will took care of the problem. Hannibal thinks Mason’s behavior toward Margot is quite terrible, but the way Mason treats his desk and furniture simply can’t be tolerated. The physical torture and abuse is one thing, but putting your feet on a desk is taking things too damn far.

Of course everything is spiraling out of control as to who gets caught first, Hannibal or Will. Which murder is each one guilty of? Is Will a protégé of Hannibal or simply being manipulated? What the devil is going on around here? I can already tell that the last episode is going to make me throw things at the TV. I damn glad there is a Season 3 to explain all this.

I will also say this is by far the most graphics and violent episode in the series. I thought sewing a bird into a man’s chest and then sewing that man into the cavity of a horse was over the top, but the scrimshaw to the face was pretty brutal. The team at NBC is dreaming up some pretty wild and scary plot lines these days.

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