Bates Motel – Season 2 Finale

I was anxious to see the season finale of this one and wow, did things go all over the place in this one. We start things right where we left off. Dylan is making a mad dash from the house of Nick Ford who’s laying dead on the floor and who should he run into but Sheriff Romero. Romero is unfazed by Dylan’s admission. Instead, he heads over to the house to see who can extract information out of in order to find Norman. Good thing one of the henchmen stayed behind to loot the place.

Norman is pulled from the iron coffin and the family is reunited again. But there is still trouble in paradise as Norman admits he has memories of killing Miss Watson. This is not going to bode well as Romero still insists Norman take the polygraph test.

But that will have to wait as the Sheriff and Dylan hatch a plan to get Zane under control. It wasn’t the best laid plan thusly unravels pretty quick. But the end result is what Romero wanted which is the heads of the drug families out of the way so he can install a man who "understands the rules" so "they can all live and work together". In fell swoon, Dylan is in charge! He’s on the hook for one murder and is seriously in deep on the cover up of two more. Damn, this kid is a magnet for trouble! And quite possibly a kingpin now.

Now that the Sheriff is coming for him, Norman sets the wheels in motion to protect himself. He’s scared of who he is and what he does and feels the best way to control that is to end his life. But he’s not as sneaky as he thinks and mom is hot on his trail. The tables are turned as Norman points the gun at his mom and demands to know what’s wrong with him. Norman’s blackouts do indeed lead to death for other people and as he admits, he blacked out the day his dad died.

Norma plans a flight from prosecution and even buys a ticket for Dylan. There’s nothing like fleeing the country to bring a family together. It’s the first time Dylan has actually felt close to Norma and the fact he even thought of her chips away at his cold heart.

Fleeing will only get them so far. Dylan convinces them to face the music and have Norman take the test. It looks grim, but Norman has a vision that relieves him of his burden. Mother says she will take care of him and she is responsible for what happened to Miss Watson. All the guilt leaves Norman and Sheriff Romero is satisfied he sent the right man to prison.

In that final shot we see Norman sitting in the chair with that classic smirk pulled straight from the Psycho movie itself. Creepy stuff my friends.

A pretty impressive season and who knows where this is going to take us. Dylan is set to take over the drug trade and Norman got a pass on all his transgressions. Who knows if it will last but we have an inkling of a mother-son relationship between Dylan and Norma.

But alas, Emma is still on the outside looking in. She desperately wants to be a part of the family and even though she has been in the thick of the soup with the Bates family, she still gets the cold shoulder. Norman offers the olive branch and asks her to reconsider and lets her in on Dylan’s checkered past. But will that be enough for her to stick around? And if she does, will she end up victim? Norman’s track record with the ladies isn’t that good.

I’m sure there will be plenty of mischief and mayhem in season 3. I guess we’ll have to take bets on who’s the first victim of the new season. And, will any of the previous characters come back? Is this the last of Cody? Can Bradley stay in hiding? Will Caleb (if he’s still alive) come to explain or face the music of what he’s done? How will Sheriff Romero position Dylan and what does he plan to do about all the next rival? And since he still doesn’t have a house how long will he be at the hotel?

And one final question, with Nick Ford out of the way what will happen to Norma’s seat on the council? This of course comes after she’s pissed off Christine who not only befriended her but tried to set Norma up with her brother. And wasn’t the mayor coming for dinner? Oh dear…

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