The Next Chapter of Sleepy Hollow Begins

image The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is back and things are looking quite dire and the chain of events to bring about the end of days appears have been set in motion.

When we last left Ichabod he’d had a trying day. He had discovered his wife was the principle member in a coven of witches, his son was not only still alive, but had mad a few bad life choices and was now the Horseman of War, his stalwart companion Abigail had to be sacrificed in Purgatory and when all was said and done, Ichabod found himself tied to the bottom of pine box and buried alive.

We jump into the second season and find Abigail and Ichabod ready to fight the forces of evil with the nefarious Sin Eater Henry trapped in the basement. A key from Benjamin Franklin a new alphabet he created can unlock the secrets of Purgatory. But wait, something feels amiss. This isn’t quite how we left things.

Not all is what it appears to be.

I have to say this was a fun start to the new season. We have twists and turns right out of the gate. Ichabod and Abigail are in some seriously deep water and those experiments from Benjamin Franklin with the kite, the key and the lightning, yeah, there’s another explanation for that. And quite a funny one too.

I’ve been looking forward to the new season and had a wonderful time watching Sleepy Hollow from last year. The Washington Irving story is one of my favorites and I’m very fond of the Disney adaptation. I think this series adds nicely to the "lore" with it’s own interesting plot twists, lots of well defined characters and some very interesting supernatural elements. And don’t forget we have plenty of history from the Salem Witch Trials just to keep things interesting. I think this is going to be a great season and I can’t wait to see how Ichabod gets horseman under control and how he’s discipline his son for acting up in a such a dreadful manner.

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