Ghost Adventures – Annabelle’s Curse – S15E08

annabelle The second part of the Museum of Madness Halloween Special involves bringing out what Zak and it’s owner consider to be the most haunted doll in the world – Annabelle. It was originally a gifted for a student who claimed it would shift position on it’s own and write letters asking for help. Later, Ed and Lorraine Warren deem the doll to be haunted. So haunted in fact, it needs to be kept in their special museum in a display case with handy warning signs saying not to touch her. It’s also the subject of at least two movies.

Tony Spera, son-in-law to Lorraine Warren, is the current owner and taking all the care of handling plutonium, brings the doll to the museum. It’s locked in a metal case and needs to have holy water at the ready and prayers said over the case before he can open it. Due to the danger, he doesn’t actually touch the doll, but bathes his hands in the holy water, then uses welding gloves to whisk Annabelle from her case to a display chair.

And what manner of hideousness is Annabelle? A large Raggedy Ann doll. But, don’t be deceived, this doll has killed a man.

While on a tour of the Warren home, a young man puts a challenge to Annabelle to show off her powers. Driving home, the same man loses control of his motorcycle, crashes into a tree and is killed. This “accident” is attributed to the doll rather than reckless driving, poor road conditions, weather or equipment failure.

As Zak sets up Annabelle so he can introduce himself and talk to her, he notes an orb flies out from her and they get the word, “Listen” on the spirit box. This is followed by “Annabelle” in a male voice.

We then have Billy losing his mind as two stick figures are mapped over Zak, which then proceed to jump back and forth between Zak and the doll.

With this going on, Zak repeatedly says he wants to touch the doll. He needs to touch the doll. He’ll do whatever Tony wants him to do just to pick up the doll. Rather than come to the fore and bring the interaction to a halt, like he’s threatening to do from his little hideaway, he simply keeps telling Zak to resist the urge. The doll is so dangerous and Zak is in such a fragile state that Tony does nothing.

But as Tony says Zak needs to ask for God’s help to resist, the word God appears on the talking EVP device. Then EVP device then displays Grab and Foot, which causes Zak to touch Annabelle on the foot.

To prove the power of Annabelle, when Zak gets home that night, the mileage on his car is 06666. When at lunch the next day, lightning strikes a light pole next to his parked car. This is the “electricity” that his fortune telling machine said as he tried to unplug it. A machine that we learn is completely programmable, so Zak saying it can’t say electricity really isn’t accurate.

And now we should attribute bad weather and lightning storms to Annabelle. I think the meteorological society might disagree with that assessment.

With the doll packed up and taken away, three fans of the show, Alex, Greg and Martin come in to have a look around. They investigate the museum and report back on what they find. Alex and Greg eventually meet up and decide to look into the Lugosi mirror. The mirror seems to have an effect on Greg, while Alex says something is touching her. No surprise Zak spies an orb.

Alex goes to the funeral parlor where Zak displays what he claims are the bones of a real skeleton. As Alex asks who the remains belong to, they get a reply of “David Cook”, who turns out to have died in 1957 and was a member of the Oddfellows.

Because of the response, Zak takes UV images and captures a black mass kneeling before the remains. All of this makes Alex pretty emotional, but she is none the worse for wear as they bring things to a close.

But before they do, Zak is haunted and stalked by a balloon that has escaped from one of the rooms. It’s hovering low, clinging to the rails and moving toward him as though pulled by a child. This he feels is the spirit energy of Annabelle, who he thinks has escaped into his museum.

Another answer would simply be static holding it to the railing, but that is nowhere near as cool an explanation.

Out of all the events we witnessed, I’m not sure which is the more frightening, the bad acting from Bloody Mary, or the bitchy witchy standoff between Lady Snake and Patti Negri. But that fall from Father Sebastian was a total winner.

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2 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Annabelle’s Curse – S15E08

  • Tina says:

    I don’t know about you, but shit, if a doll has been known to kill, there is no way I’d even go near it, let alone touch it! Zak is playing with fire, and I’m waiting for him to get burned. It’s a mere waiting game until something kills him…maybe this may urge it along.

  • RottenOne says:

    The thing we have to keep in mind, all of these stories about Annabelle come from one source, the Warrens. Lorraine and Ed found the doll, called it evil, then placed it in their museum. Tony, related to the Warrens, perpetuates the story with his song and dance of holy water and welding gloves. John Zaffis, also related to the Warrens, followed in Ed’s footsteps by decrying an item as evil, then displayed it in his museum. All that protects the would-be visitor from pure evil is some cheap glass?

    Pretty sure if you’re calling something a “museum” there’s an admission fee. Why of course this totem is evil, pay me $5 and I’ll let you see it. Why not destroy the item? That will let the evil out. It needs to stay contained, where it can be seen, for a price.

    Further, the story of Annabelle killing a man comes from Ed, and that is taking two rather unrelated incidents and linking them together. We saw the same thing with Robert the Doll where someone claims an “accident” that happens, hours, days, weeks and even months later is related to seeing Robert. This goes to the idea of a butterfly in China flaps it’s wings and in Florida you get rain. You can link whatever you want together, that doesn’t mean they’re actually related.

    As far as going near Annabelle, note there is a perfectly serene picture of Zak near the doll. And if you look, you’ll find pictures of Lorraine walking with Annabelle like it’s no big deal. Zak may say he escaped certain death by his odometer showing 06666, which it will eventually show no matter where he drove, and that lightning just missed him. That lightning would have struck whether he was there or not. Again, take unrelated incidents, string them together and call them what you will.

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