Ghost Adventures – The Haunted Museum (Old Wengert Mansion) – S12E13

image For this investigation, Zak goes no further than his own recently purchased museum, the one we saw featured in his series, Deadly Possessions. The original 33 room mansion was built in 1938 by the Wengert family. At the time, it would have been the largest home in the area and a prominent landmark. It’s now on the historical register, but went through a couple of hands before coming to Zak.

During the renovation, several workers decided they’d had enough of the paranormal shenanigans and walked off the job. Feeling their might be some strange energy associated with the house, he performs an overnight lockdown investigation to see what he and the team can discover.

To get some background, he brings in Rachel Vosko, who used to sneak into the house through the basement in the 70s. She claims there was a pentagram drawn on the floor, enclosed in a circle with streaks of blood around it. Zak invites her to go into the basement where she feels something is clinging to her legs. While recording this segment, Billy claims he gets the words, "I need help" in the voice of a little boy. It is supposed this could be James Wengert who died when he was 8 years old.

Another visitor to the house is Erika Monasco, who says she felt negative energy. She also says her husband indicated her personality changed during her time at the house. As she began to feel somewhat uncomfortable with the house, she poured salt around the room she used as an office.

And then as if on cue, Erika has a bit of a breakdown. She says an icy force swept over her, then has an attack of shortness of breath and a crying spell. Moments later, the feeling passes and she is fine again. However, she later sends Zak a text message that contains the picture of her hand with a large scratch across it.

Finally, they have Shirley Shupe, one of the Wengert children, over for a visit. Her family moved into the house when she was 5. She has no reports of anything odd or unusual, but does convey that her mother died in the house. There is nothing dubious or sinister surrounding her death, she simply died at home. And in a wee bit of scrying, Zak has Shirley sit in front of a mirror and talk about her mother. She gives a rather nice talk to the point she thanks Zak for taking over the house.

Zak then gives Shirley a short tour of the place showcasing what he plans to do with the place. Oddly, Shirley’s old room now houses the Kevorkian VW Bus. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to see that in there.

As they start the investigation, a cuckoo clock that has been silent this entire time, begins to tick. As Zak shows the movement and how it takes force to get it to start and stop, they claim to hear a child’s laughter. As they look around using the SLS camera, a figure appears and leads them to the room of the VW Bus, wherein the SLS crashes and shuts off. But not before they see the making of a head peering out of from the corner of the frame.

Since they are next to the stairs leading to the basement, they claim to hear the sound of hissing. With the recorder running, they feel the words, "Zak Bagans" comes through.

They then use the SB7 Spirit Box in other parts of the house, but don’t pick up anything until they move into the doll room. They get the word, "play" when asking what the doll wants to do, as well as the word "England" when Zak asks where the doll wants to go. Things get a little strange when Zak asks the doll what’s possessing it and gets the response, "Drop it." They also pick up a growl and a doll from the Villisca Axe Murder House, says the word "Villisca".

There is more strange doll behavior as Zak takes one of the dolls to the basement and surrounds it with rem pods. When Billy goes to check on the doll, it says, "hello there" and the pods start going off. Things get a little unruly as Aaron says he’s having some negative feelings to the point where he wants to punch or stab Billy in the throat. Whether it was Aaron’s statement or the basement itself, but Billy needs to take a break and head outside.

We’re then given a couple additional details such as Aaron got the word "witches" when he was down in the basement and when Zak asks what do the spirits see in the basement, they get the word "secret". Aaron ties these two things together about witches and their secrets.

Finally, they set up cots and sleep in different parts of the house. Zak feels something touch him during the night while the camera watching over Jay seems to move three different times before finally getting unplugged and shutting down. Further, his bed has seemingly moved a couple inches in the night and bunched up the carpet around the feet of the cot.

Not all that long ago, the Ghost Hunters did something similar to this with their Spalding Inn. The claimed it was haunted too. But you have to admit, a haunted hotel will bring in more tourist money than a regular hotel and a haunted museum of curious oddities will bring in more visitors than being in a regular house.

While the blood soaked pentagram in the basement makes for a great story, let’s not get carried away. During that time period people were putting pentagrams on just about everything including album covers. And not everything that has 5 points is a demonic symbol despite the conclusion people like Zak jump to. And I’m sure any bit of red paint or red wax will look like blood to a teenager breaking into the basement of a massive house. To me, that is using an old cliche to say the place is haunted. Just think what Zak would have done if he’d been told they’d found a Ouija board in the basement?

And the bit at the end with the camera moving? Pretty nifty to be sure, but I don’t think paranormal machinations are the only explanation for that.

The house is certainly interesting, but really, do we expect Zak and his crew to say the place isn’t haunted? I mean, how would that look?

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4 Responses to Ghost Adventures – The Haunted Museum (Old Wengert Mansion) – S12E13

  • Bongos says:

    This was actually one of the better G.A. episodes as of late… I had the same reaction when that woman said she found blood in and around the pentagram in the basement. How does she know for sure that it was blood ? It was probably paint or candle wax.

  • RottenOne says:

    It was an interesting episode for sure, and I would like to have seen even more of the house. But as soon as the pentagram was mentioned and Zak started spouting his usual Satanism rhetoric, I knew what type of episode it would be. This is the same sort of fear mongering and hysteria that Ryan Buell used to vomit when PRS was on the air. He began to see demons in and on everything. Look at the last season or two of episodes and see how many times Zak mentions/uses the word “demonic” to describe something even without seeing/experiencing it. He also likes to throw that “dark energy” around a lot. Those dolls had too much dark energy to be in his house, but they’re perfectly safe to sit out in a museum and be seen by the public.

    The story of the pentagram, Erika’s little episode, the scrying in the mirror, it all came across as foolish and sensationalism to get people to believe this place is haunted, because like I said, there is more to be gained financially if the place is haunted.

    To be honest, Zak’s use of the word, pentagram is disingenuous and is meant to strike a chord of fear. A pentagram is any star with 5 points. It was actually used as Christian symbol with links back to Pythagoras. We have “pentagrams” on the US flag, on military vehicles and it represents the level of accomplishment for generals. Five star general anyone? Despite what Zak and Ryan would like to spew, even an inverted pentagram isn’t evil. You can readily see them as a sign of the Masons, fraternities and, oh yeah, the Medal of Honor. It also makes up the Star and Crescent which is used by many different peoples. The association of the inverted pentagram being “evil” is most likely because of Anton LaVey and the like. Even then, it wasn’t evil, it was seen as “anti” or opposite. So yes, people who draw “pentagrams” on the floor or walls are looking to scare the crap out of the ignorant, but only those looking to spread that fear or anxiety jump on that bandwagon.

  • chris parlmer says:

    I will be in Las Vegas in April and would like to see Zaks museum. Can you give me an address and hours.

  • Ed says:

    This episode turned up as an Extra Pulses episode of GA and, while watching, I had the immediate thoughts mentioned above especially regarding the pentagram. Interesting that the immediate thought is witches performing demonic rituals instead of, say, bored teenagers with too much free time. As is also par for the course, plenty of EVPs which didn’t sound like anything familiar until one of the crew deciphered them, played them over and over and then the words became clear. On top of that, what appears to be the usual acting from Zak and others. (I seem to recall, although it appears to be largely forgotten, that when Zak first appeared in the public eye with the original “Ghost Adventures” documentary, Nick Groff was the one with a ghost investigation background while Zak was the “face” and was described as a deejay and actor.)

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