Paranormal Lockdown – S02E11 – Scutt Mansion

image Nick and Katrina visit the Scutt Mansion in Joliet, Illinois. The home was built in 1882 by Hiram Scutt, but he died in the home at the age of 47 after being thrown from a horse. Shortly thereafter his wife died. The home has since had multiple owners with each falling into ruin. For example, Seth Magosky bought the home in 2003 with the intent of making it a museum. He died in the home in 2007 at the age of 39. His father took up the mantle to open the museum, but fell down the stairs and broke his back in 2012.

Other activity includes a lady in black, supposedly Mrs. Scutt, the sound of children playing in the house and a dark presence in the basement.

The investigation starts by talking to Andrea Magosky, who immediately says the house is both haunted and cursed. She blames Hiram for the curse, but there is no cause.

Day 1 starts by placing 16 cameras around the house. They will record the entire investigation from each room. While setting up, Katrina says she hears a groan and footsteps. There is very little activity for the first day, so Katrina will sleep in Mrs. Scutt’s room, while Nick will be in Mr. Scutt’s.

For Day 2, they have Greg and Dana Newkirk bring in a series of haunted objects to stir up the energy. Among the items is a Dybbuk box, which they place in the basement. Billy the Idol,  a possessed voodoo idol, which goes in the hallway where Seth died. There is the Crone which is placed in the tower, where Seth’s dad fell and broke his back. Finally, a dark mirror is placed in the doll room. All these items are said to be haunted and dangerous because Greg and Dana don’t know exactly how they work.

As they try to channel the energy they get the phrase, "Hiram tried to kill me" on the device. Even with all these cursed items, the activity remains light.

For Day 3, Katrina sets up the 3D mapping software and captures an extremely tall figure. Also, there are voices that begin to talk about the curse, but it becomes inaudible and doesn’t offer any sort of answer.

Before they leave, Andrea returns to the house with her daughter. Before anything is said, Andrea makes a comment about capturing the tall man. Did she jump the gun with her scripted response? Turns out, her son Seth, was 6’6 so they believe the figure they captured was him. Andrea then changes her stance and is now happy her son is at peace looking after the home he loved.

This is an odd episode to be sure. The house has a curse that originates from nowhere. Blame is focused at Hiram, but how did he cause this curse? An accident is simply an accident?

After 100 years, there is a sad accident, but how is this part of the curse? Then five years later, there is another unrelated accident. This is the work of a curse?

That aside, there is no evidence captured. A stick figure and some inaudible burps from a speaker don’t add up to much.

Additionally, I find it quite interesting that these haunted items, which are so dangerous no one can go near them, are perfectly safe to be handled in the house.

Again, it’s a terrible thing that Seth died in the house while trying to preserve it’s history. But there is absolutely nothing to suggest this house is cursed, haunted or anything else. It’s merely an old home that needs some upkeep. Oh yeah, and it was just recently sold.

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