Ghost Adventures – Museum of Madness – S15E07

haunted-museum For this year’s Halloween special, Zak brings us the Museum of Madness, which is actually a special that showcases his own haunted museum in Las Vegas. If you recall, the museum and several of it’s items were feature on Deadly Possessions. This includes the cauldron of Ed Gein, the mirror of Bela Lugosi, which Zak says is cursed and his own collection of supposedly haunted dolls.

But Zak isn’t alone. He’s brought in several guests to help him channel the dark energy and even “do a ritual and see what you can summon.” This includes Bloody Mary, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans; Father Sebastian, Vampire and Occultist; Isibella Karnstein, his companion and hostess of Endless Night Vampire Ball; Lady Snake, Psychic Witch; Patti Negri, Psychic Medium and White Witch.

Bloody Mary will head down to the basement with Billy to perform some conjuring. Father Sebastian will gaze into the Lugosi mirror. Lady Snake will work some rituals using the cauldron of Ed Gein and Patti Negri will be placed on other end of the building to test her psychic abilities. Basically, she will rock back and forth, wave her hands and mumble.

The main action focuses on Father Sebastian, who, after staring into the mirror, becomes disoriented and falls down. Zak is in such a panic about his well being and slamming his head onto the floor, that he doesn’t call for medical help. Instead, he makes comment that an orb flies out of Sebastian and once gone, Sebastian can speak and regains himself.

Sebastian says he saw white shapes mingling in the mirror and that he was trying to draw out the energy. This is followed up by both Isibella and Dakota (the camera man) having scratches on their neck. These of course were caused by paranormal means.

To be cool and brave, Zak stands before the mirror to demand the entity show itself. He then turns away and nearly falls down himself, saying the face in the mirror wasn’t his.

At this point, Zak is running from room to room, whipped into a frenzy by the events going on. Down in the basement Bloody Mary is playing with a cursed doll, and demanding the doll get a tea set. Lady Snake is wandering in circles around the cauldron and Patti Negri, as expected, is rocking back and forth like she normally does, speaking in two word sentences and acting like everything is coming apart around her.

We’ve also lost Jay. After working with Lady Snake, he’s wandered off to sit in a prone position as though in some sort of trance.

To follow up on the cauldron, Zak brings Patti to meet Lady Snake over the Ed Gein cauldron. This leads to the bitchy witchy standoff, where Lady Snake channels the evil presence of Ed Gein and says she wants to toss Patti into the pot.

Down in the basement, where Bloody Mary is playing with dolls, the Ovilus picks up Norman, Mad, Puncture and Help. Zak gets Norman on another device and feels the spirits must be talking because two devices simply can’t say the same word twice.

Feeling that Bloody Mary has developed an attachment to the doll, Zak whisks it away and puts it back in the class display case. But, to try and have her final say, the Ovilus gets, Contrition,  Surprise and Devil. Additionally, Devil came through on the device when he placed a spirit box over the cauldron.

All of this activity confirms to Zak that dark energy swirls around his museum and that it’s most haunted museum in the world. Since he owns the place, would you expect him to say anything else?

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4 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Museum of Madness – S15E07

  • Ed says:

    My biggest concern/comment about this episode was also about Father Sebastian. Disregarding all of the “Ooh, I’m a mordern vampire who walks in the darkness” stuff, the guy falls – heavily – and hits his head on a presumably hard floor and Zak nor no one else immediately calls for an EMT, doctor or other health professional? But speaking of Father Seb as well as the other special guests, why does it seem as if almost all of Zak’s featured performers (read that in whichever way you want) came directly from central casting – creepy? Check! Kooky? Check! Mysterious and spooky? Check! Check! Altogether ooky? You betcha! An entertain Halloween special if you don’t think TOO hard about the proceedings, but definitely a well-conceived ad for the newly opened museum. (And, as a final note – can we PLEASE, once and for all, do away with the entire Ed Gein was a demon-infected / -infested background.)

  • RottenOne says:

    Guests from casting central describes it very well. Clearly Sebastian and Isibella are promoting their own business and want to captivate a certain audience. That aside, if Sebastian really does fall and hit his head that hard, Zak is ridiculously negligent. However, the fact he doesn’t makes you wonder. Depending on how you look at it, he may not have hit his head at all. I firmly believe we have a lot of play acting to make it exciting for Halloween.

    And yes, Ed Gein was extremely mentally disturbed, not controlled by demonic forces. It’s a cauldron, so Zak has to be cliche.

  • Tina says:

    When Father Sebastian fell and hit his head, that alarmed me on a massive scale. The fact that Zak didn’t get medical help (lawsuit anyone?!) just pissed me off. Shit man, he could have had a concussion!

    Beyond that, even if this place is the most haunted museum in the world, bringing in a whole boatload of occultist to do rituals doesn’t really help him or his guests who visit. Might as well put up a sign saying, ‘Hey, enter at your own risk and don’t sue me if you get hurt!’

  • RottenOne says:

    That leads to one of two thoughts. Either Zak is a negligent ass. Or he knew the “fall” was of no consequence. If you look at things in slow motion, Sebastian falls in way where his head doesn’t actually hit the ground. He sort of crumples at the knees, falls to his hip, then lays down. It looks pretty bad, but the fact they didn’t call for help and there isn’t a massive mark on his head leaves me to believe they knew it was coming.

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