Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters and GH International

I don’t know why the guys at TAPS keep releasing their DVD in two separate parts, but I did get the second part of season 2 and found it pretty entertaining. Some pretty cool locations and the Halloween episode at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium looks like it will be fun.

The show has definitely changed since the first season, and for the better. They are a lot more focused and a lot more professional. They aren’t taking themselves any more seriously, they still have plenty of fun and are still very enjoyable to watch. If anything, maybe they know what they’re doing now more so than before.

If nothing else they deserve full credit for bringing some validity to a field that really only existed in the paranoid mind of Fox Mulder. Although that was a different kind of paranormal, these guys have actually brought a sense of legitimacy to the idea of spirits and the supernatural. So much so that they have spun off Ghost Hunters International. I have only been able to catch one episode which was at Frankenstein’s Castle, but although Grant and Jay aren’t at the helm the team did seem to do pretty well on their own. By not watching the episodes as they air on TV I have missed something since I didn’t know this show was coming up, have no idea who these two new “head honchos” are, and missed all the pieces that lead up to the “Hunt for the Hunter” episode.

But anyway, GHI has a lot of potential with Donna, Andy and Brian still part of the team. Even in Castle Frankenstein, Brian is still a nutball. Barry is still skittish of things that go bump in the night, but that’s what makes him loveable. I hope GHI stays around, it looks like they get to visit some fantastic places and ruins. If nothing else it’s a haunted travel series and who doesn’t like that idea?

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