Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts – Rating 4 out of 5

Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts
Rating 4 out of 5

Taken from dozens of Unsolved Mysteries episodes this boxed sets 4 discs loaded with episodes about the paranormal, ghosts, strange occurrences and unexplained spirit phenomena. With the deadpan Robert Stack at the helm we get dozens of stories from across the country regarding haunted houses, cemeteries, civil war ghosts, haunted inns and plenty of other tales of strange and unusual happenings.

Some of the episodes seem a little far fetched and some seem to variations on long told stories such as the young woman who appears out of nowhere wearing a ball gown and asks for a ride home but then disappears as soon as she gets there. The driver goes to the door of the house to find out the young girl used to live there.

More credible than Ghost Hunters but none of the humor factor. There is more support for the paranormal in these discs than in the GH series and many stories will make you wonder.

Overall they’re pretty entertaining stories and a lot of fun to watch. The kids should be fine watching these as there is no blood, gore or violence, just the typical recreation scenes and that stoic voiceover narrating the haunting tale. Definitely worth watching at night over the weekend with the kids.

Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts

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