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The hours are ticking away until Halloween

The hours are ticking away until Halloween. As they say, the witching hour is close at hand.

I tried out two more pumpkin templates this weekend, a pirate and tiki face. They both worked out pretty well. Once again I had two pumpkins going at one time. For the main event, I may actually have 5 or 6 of them going at once. I will open the gates and unleash all manner of hellfire on my neighbors. If it works correctly it should be one heck of a display and should send owners and children running for cover!

Here are the latest two creations in my gallery. The pirate face looks pretty cool, but the Tiki almost looks more like a kitty face. Although an angry kitty on fire would still be scary it’s not quite the look I was going for.
Flaming Halloween Pumpkin

Flaming Halloween Pumpkin

Flaming Halloween Pumpkin
Flaming Halloween Pumpkins

See them all here:

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I need a scary face

Besides the one I was born with

I have the lighting of the pumpkin down pat, no worries there, but now I need to work on the actual carvings themselves. Although my designs aren’t too bad, they really aren’t all that complex and don’t have that diabolical look and feel I think they deserve. Well, help is on the way. Two sites seem to be able to assist me in my endeavors.

Jack-O-Lanterns.com http://www.jack-o-lantern.com/
Zombie Pumpkins http://www.zombiepumpkins.com/

Both have templates for free and for a nominal fee that are creative and clever. I’m usually more of the make it up as you go type of pumpkin carver, but I think I need to dedicate more to my craft. I’m usually pretty steady with the knife (still got all my fingers) but I’ve worked with one of these stencils. However, I am thinking some of the Tiki designs on this page will look quite fetching with 3 foot flames shooting out the top.

There is still plenty of time to get the right pattern and get in some practice. And what’s the worst that can happen? I’m just going to torch the thing anyway…

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Unholy Pumpkin Trinity

I was hard at play this weekend adding minions to my diabolical flaming pumpkin horde. I have now created the Unholy Pumpkin Trinity!

One pumpkin simply wasn’t good enough. He is my mascot, my sentry, my protector, but in order to truly be feared by your neighbors you need an army. And nothing scares people more than an army dripping with fire!

So here is my latest creation, three pumpkins set ablaze in my backyard. A fiery spectacle that burned for almost an hour. The heat generated from these guys is amazing! Soon, I will unleash my final vision of a yard full of pumpkins that will make the children cry, the women run, and the men green with envy.

My latest masterpiece!

You can see the full image gallery here:

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Old cemetery headstone

Here is another old cemetery headstone. The marble is worn away and you can see the smooth varnish has weathered away quite a bit. This is a massive stone and even in the original the name has been rubbed away. I can only image the work and effort it took to make such a tribute only to have the name vanish as the time passed.

Cemetary headstone

Click here for the full image:

In Paint Shop it’s pretty easy to use the Text and Bevel tools to carve your own name into the stone. Apply the text on its own layer, then use a bevel which cuts into the stone to make it look like one picture. It works really well and gives a nice personalized eerie nature to it.

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