Halloween Haunted House

Haunted House by Daniele Montella It’s time to get started on Halloween

And first up is this great haunted house desktop wallpaper. I found this picture last year and it’s one of the best I’ve seen. The detail is fantastic, the color is superb and the overall feel is wonderfully atmospheric. I already have this set as my background image. I will be dressing up the rest of the desktop with some Windowblinds Skins (namely RIP 2007), but this is a great image to creep out your desktop with. There is a ton of detail to look at; the dead trees and shrubs, broken stairs, crumbling headstones in the graveyard, and if you look carefully you might see a face or two in the windows. At least I do.

This image was created by Daniele Montella and can be found at the following websites:


Actually, if you do a Google image search for “haunted house” you find this image pretty easily. There are a couple of different size variations so you might be able to find a good one to tinker with.

The image is a little small to use as wallpaper, but a quick run through the resize function of Paint Shop Pro and I scaled it up nicely. I did it in small increments and I think the “jaggies” and “halos” are kept down to a minimum.

Daniele Montella maintains all copyrights to this image. I have simply made it a little larger to be displayed on a computer screen.

To download the full sized image click here:

Haunted House:

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2 Responses to Halloween Haunted House

  • Daniele says:

    Hi, I’m Montella Daniele the author of the image.
    I want to thanks you for putting my credits (not all do), but please can I ask you to change the link to cgsociety with a direct link to my works?
    like one of this:





  • angie says:

    This is actuallly a real house in Eureka California called the Carson Mansion…you should Google THAT. And ps to the artist…could you please at least mention that fact? Its not like that house came out of your imagination.

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