Ghost Encounters: The Queen Mary

Paranormal investigator Peter James and "Mad Mad House" star Fiona Horne host this exploration into the eerie world of the famed Queen Mary ocean liner, regarded by many as a certified ghost ship. Accompanied by "Mad TV" star Debra Wilson and radio host Frank Sontag, the supernatural sleuths examine the assertions of paranormal activity aboard the ship and search for answers to the spiritual mysteries surrounding it.

After watching such epic failures as America’s Most Haunted Inns and America’s Most Haunted Town starring the half-baked Cathe Curtis, I thought things couldn’t get any worse. I guess that goes to show you, things can always get worse. And this time it presents itself in the form of Ghost Encounters: The Queen Mary.

I was only able to sit through half of this wretched program before I had to turn it off. I really have no idea what the hell they were trying to do, but whatever it was, the stupidity of it all pushed me away.

Peter James strolls through the Queen Mary giving a small amount of insight into the ship’s history with supposed hauntings and paranormal activity. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to support his claims, Peter then breaks off with yelling "Hello" to different parts of the ship and claiming to hear responses. Shrouded in almost total darkness he claims to be channeling the ships captain who says he will talk more if they meet again by the pool.  Should we break for sandwiches as well?

And that’s when I turned it off. This show is completely absurd and I don’t know whether Peter is trying to be overly dramatic in the way he talks or if he’s having some sort of respiratory issue, but his commentary is grating to say the least. Since there is nothing to see or hear they try to build tension by tilting the camera at odd angles, blurring the images and shaking the footage. It’s all stupid theatrics and after 20 minutes I was wondering just what the heck they were supposed to be up to.

But I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s was far too juvenile to watch. This entire production comes across as a complete joke. I couldn’t tell if they were trying to be serious or not. We won’t go into the out of place co-host or sidekick radio personality who try miserably to offer their insight and two cents worth into the conversation.

A bad DVD and a huge waste of time.

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