Ghost Adventures – Old Town San Diego – S05E03

Let this episode be a reminder that drinking and interviewing don’t always mix. Zak has one hell of a time doing shots at the Hotel and may have gotten slightly carried away. You never know though, was he really doing shots or as Nick suggest, where they just drinking root beer for the effect of it all? Either way, it makes for some amusing moments as Zak gets his drink on then tries to keep it all together and gets down to business.

The hotel is known for quite a bit of paranormal activity such as, bottles on the bar move, lights go on and off, and a woman felt a spirit go through her. A young girl died and a bed was made as a memorial to her. That bed was brought to the hotel when the owners wanted to get rid of it because of the experiences they were having. People feel the presence of Isadora Bandini, who opens the curtains to the window in her room, adjusts a large mirror in the corner and leaves indentations on the bed. There is a lot of activity, but there aren’t a lot of corresponding dark events. There aren’t stories of people being killed or mistreatment of servants. There just seems to be activity around the place without a root cause.

So, after Zak sobers up we get on with the investigation. They start things off in the Casa de Estudillo where they get a few experiences, but not much else in the way of tangible evidence. They all have a heavy feeling when they enter certain rooms as well as several knocks and the sounds of footsteps.

The investigation moves on to the Hotel where they bring in some dancers to get the party started. Senor Bandini loved a good party so perhaps he will come out to join them. Zak believes he hears some singing, but there isn’t an obvious connection to the dancers and Bandini. When the guys split up Zak brings out the Ovilus and gets several words like Mandy, Rose, Vase and Digging. Again, it doesn’t quite translate into anything solid.

Overall they get a few hard to define EVPs, some footsteps and a general feeling that someone is there. Did they actually capture the spirit of Bandini as he continues to oversee parties in the hotel? Hard to say. What we do know if that Zak had one heck of a good time and hung out with some of his fans.

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