Paranormal State S04E05 – Haunted Sex Dungeon

When you’re having financial problems you can always blame it on the paranormal or a curse. That’s the case with Ken who believes he is cursed and that the house he lives in is evil. Ken hears voices from his boathouse and just generally thinks the house is bad and working against him. In fact, he’s blaming everything on the house. His financial problems, lawsuits and bad tenants are because of the bad house. Clearly it can’t be his financial stupidity, or choice in picking renters it has to be an outside force.

There is the claim the house is built on Indian land which is both sacred and a burial ground. The whole thing is being set up like the Amityville Horror.

During the first dead time, Chad lets loose with his typical barrage of expletives and then says he hears a voice in the room with him. Can’t anyone just calmly say they heard something? Does it always have to be bleeped out?

Ryan calls in Chip to give the lowdown on the house and what happened there. While taking the tour he almost slips and falls down the stairs. He claims he was pushed by something. Wandering up the stairs while blindfolded clearly had nothing to do with losing his balance.

The best part is when Chip goes to the sex room and touches the bondage furniture and gives out a wail of a scream. He says there is pain and all sorts of emotions associated with it. Well yeah Chip, it’s bondage furniture, that’s how it works. That right there was the best part of the show.

So, what do they do with the house? Toss out of the bondage furniture and everything should be set right. Apparently Hans, the German who owned the house previously doesn’t approve of all that freaky business in his house.

The closing scene of the son and father taking out the bondage toys is just hilarious. Here son, let’s just put this big cross out by the curb and the trash guys will take it away for us.

I guess we should be glad there wasn’t an exorcism.

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