Bob Cranmer and the Demon of Brownsville Rd


A comment was left about Bob Cranmer and The Demon of Brownsville Rd, but that name isn’t familiar, so I decided to look it up. Turns out the book chronicles Bob’s dealing with dark forces inside his home. At first glance it makes me think of Amityville.

I don’t have a copy of his book, but I was able to find a few interviews. I have to admit, I’m a bit skeptical for a variety of reasons, but the phrase, "my credibility as a politician" took me by surprise. Politicians are showman and have to market themselves. They tell people what they want to hear to get elected. That’s not a solid foundation for, "my story is real".

That slight prejudice aside, what details does Bob offer during his interviews?

Bob is pretty tight lipped, but a few details manage to come out, but they sound a bit cliche. The previous owners were eager to sell and took the first offer. There is a Native American connection and "possible" curse and bodies buried under the front lawn. The house may have been used as a clinic for illegal abortions. Lots of mood swings, behavior problems, depression and a nervous breakdown.

We also have broken rosary, broken crucifix, a child trying to stop the priest from blessing the house, pictures taken off the wall and furniture moved.

When asked for some specifics, more often than not, Bob responds with phrases like, "well, when you read my book", or, "it’s in the book", or "I don’t want to give too much away". Translation – I don’t want to miss out on sales.

To jump ahead, Bob wages war against "Evil". The details are sketchy, but some of it involves playing the movie, Passion of the Christ, 24 hours a day. That would drive anyone out.

In the end, they triumph and Bob gets his troubled son to build a Facebook page to promote his book. Now there’s something parents should follow, instead of getting mad at your kids for all the crap they drag you through – the sleepless nights, the drugs, the partying, the mood swings, the chaos, the wasted money – spin a yarn about how Evil caused it all and put up a Facebook page. Money can smooth over a lot of family issues.

But Bob isn’t in it for the money even though he mentions stores are sold out, he’s working with production companies about TV shows and maybe movie discussions. His story about God and the battle between good and evil needs to be told. This is the story of our age!

Keep in mind though, this isn’t a horror story or paranormal investigation. Even though he’s working the paranormal circuit, it’s a story about God.

It’s hard to get behind the "evil" angle when there are just too many "earthbound" explanations not to mention the hard sell. The more you say, "it’s in the book" the more capitalist you sound. If it’s just about telling the story, put out a free Kindle book.

At any rate, has anyone read this book? Comments to offer? I’m not against it or Bob, but I’m awfully suspect of a story that sounds like a blend of Amityville and Poltergeist.

Links to the interviews can be found below: – jump to 40 minutes – Jump to 38:00 minutes

And a couple of interesting reads by those who don’t quite agree with the claims:

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5 Responses to Bob Cranmer and the Demon of Brownsville Rd

  • Bob Cranmer says:

    Why don’t you just read the book before passing judgement. It all happened and it’s all true. I’ll send you a copy if you give me an address. (By the way, I was a politician who didn’t run for re-election after accomplishing what I sought office to do.)
    Bob Cranmer

  • Bob Cranmer says:

    By the way Rotten One, did you actually see the movie The Passion of the Christ”?

  • RottenOne says:

    No, I have not seen the movie The Passion of the Christ.
    It is a very generous offer to send me a book, but I will respectfully decline. However, I see there is a Kindle version, so I think it’s fair to buy a digital copy and then make up my mind.

  • RottenOne says:

    Just as I said I would, I got the Kindle version of your book including the companion Audible audiobook. I have completed the narrative and my opinion remains the same as it was when I first heard about this story – a dubious mix of Amityville and Poltergeist.

    It’s an interesting tale of Good vs Evil with yourself cast as the hero. I will say the book was pretty well written and I give full marks for including just about every paranormal trope people are familiar with. We have the black mist shadow figure, bleeding walls, curses, the drunk abortion doctor, smell of sulfur, the woman in white, crucifixes falling to the floor and even a link to the Native Americans. About the only thing missing is the Ouija board and tarot cards, although if you take the playing cards found in the hidden room, the tarot card angle might be covered.

    I feel this is a very long sermon about how evil exists in the world and fulfills your desire to preach from the pulpit.

  • Denise says:

    Exorcists are-to perform exorcisms on holy ground only. Evil exists but because of your greed and your ego you put your family in harms way then you actually had the nerve to state What did WE get ourselves into. You’re an ego maniac and should have suffered at the hands of the Malkam by yourself.

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