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Goldfield-NV-hotel I’ve been looking for this show for months and last night I finally got a chance to watch the original Ghost Adventures Documentary with Zak, Nick and Aaron which they shot on their own back in 2006 before they had a series on the Travel Channel. They are on their first ghost hunt trying to find evidence of the paranormal and investigating different locations, specifically the Washoe Club and Virginia City.

It’s interesting to see how it all began. We do get more insight into the paranormal experience Zak had which started him investigating. In an old apartment, he would repeatedly get woken up at 3:00 AM by the sound of a woman calling his name. During the documentary he talks to the maintenance guy who says he’s not surprised since a woman was killed in that apartment. From that point Zak sets out to document the paranormal. What I find odd is that he kept having this paranormal experience with the woman speaking to him, yet there are no recordings or anything else. I figured he would have captured something of the event.

So at least we learn what brought Zak to the paranormal field. He’s talked a little bit about it before but here we get more details about his experience.

The documentary starts by showing Zak, Nick and Aaron trying to find locations for the paranormal and not having too much luck. But at Virginia City things begin to change for them.

This is also the documentary where they captured what they believe is a full bodied apparition walking across the screen at the Old Washoe Club. It shows Nick in the middle of the room setting up the equipment, then a figure comes into frame, seemingly following him.

This fuels their passion for the paranormal since now they feel they’ve actually captured solid evidence. Interestingly there are clips of them on several news programs talking about the footage. And they get some write-ups in the local newspapers. This basically launches them as paranormal investigators and then leads into the second part of the documentary where they explore the Goldfield Hotel.

After talking with several of the local residents they’re given a tour of the hotel and shown the multiple locations where people have seen things and had experiences. For this investigation it’s just Zak and Nick since Aaron isn’t convinced this ghost hunting business is for him. And during that investigation things get a little topsy-turvy. Zak films a brick being thrown at him. This causes complete chaos for Zak and Nick as they run from the room and then become separated. It’s just the two of them and now they’re in complete darkness.

No doubt the first instinct is to laugh at the screams and running, but I have to admit if I was roaming around in the dark and something started throwing bricks at me from out of nowhere I would probably haul ass out of there too!

Zak claims the brick literally lifts off the pile and flies at him. He even has the footage to prove it. And low and behold it does look like a brick comes flying at him and some boards get knocked over in the darkness.

It’s certainly interesting and different. You can see the team developing the style they would later use on their show. While the amount of evidence isn’t overwhelming, they do capture some pretty attention-grabbing stuff. It has a different feel than the currently running TV show, but its entertaining none-the-less. I have to say I like their documentary style where they give the background of a place, talk to people and then focus their attention on multiple buildings in the same location. I’m glad I finally got to see their original paranormal investigation.


Goldfield Hotel photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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6 Responses to Ghost Adventures Documentary

  • -Don says:

    I also saw this “Original” documentary, but I actually saw it in 2006… I was already interested in this subject matter and this was at the beginning or just before TAPS took off, so I had nothing else to compare it to. Frankly in all honesty I was very impressed and somewhat frustrated because I wanted them to take this up and find someone somehow to get them on TV.

    The production style was so much better than TAPS, and their evidence and review was also… Personally I HATE the dam spooky Halloween music always playing on TAPS and their repeated requests for “knocking” as if it’s the universal language from the other side, or all these “spirits” are capable of…

    Having said all that I still think that the Ghost Adventures series is still fairly entertaining though they sometimes make leaps of logic I simply can’t follow, but as each new season and now each new week goes by it seems Zak’s already seemingly overblown ego has gotten so far out of control I’m having trouble getting through the first 30 minutes. No longer do we take a serious approach to the background interviews which is odd from people who want so bad to be taken seriously, now though what we get is what you’d expect from a 6 year old playing with his first camera for 30 minutes. Zak and the guys playing and yucking it up as Civil War soldiers, and other demonstrations of silliness and poor acting from what you expect to see a documentary style program. If we wanted to see your vacation footage (which nobody ever wants to see anyone else’ vacation pictures) we’d probably ask or go to a website and do it…

    Although I’m a big fan and a firm believer, I’m simply loosing my patience with the Zak and Nick vaudeville act… Stick t o what got you there and be serious if you want to be take seriously…

    After an amazing first production I feel they’ve gone too commercial at times as well as flat out too egotistical… So I watch every week for the evidence and the entertainment but when I want serious programming on this subject I tune into PRS even though they spend too much time on the evil/demon angle. They at least remain steadfast and vigilant not to mention serious. And for the best proof…? Watch Psychic Kids… I’m always impressed with the children and their gifts.

  • chase says:

    The Ghost Adventures documentary was great because theres alot of footage. It almost seems as if now when they investigate for the series on tv theres not enough footage, or they pack too much in one hour. Im a big fan and would like to see some of the places they visit but i would be far too afraid to stay there over night haha

  • RottenOne says:

    I still find it ironic that the Ghost Adventures team says this place is wildly haunted, but when the Ghost Hunters did a series of investigations in some of the same buildings they say no paranormal activity is going on there.

    I will say though that the editors of GA are doing the same thing with all the sound effects and creepy music these days. There are far too many dramatic noises when you’re trying to listen for responses. I think it’s completely unnecessary and really wish they would take all the music and sound effects away. In the episode I just watched it was completely over the top.

  • Shannon says:

    The reason why maybe ghost hunters did not get any evidence is because they do it from a science perspective instead of actually drawing the paranormal out. I love both shows but I love Ghost Adventures better because they actually give me the goosebumps that I like from things like these.

  • Souther Paranorma Investigators says:

    I recently found out that during “Ghost Hunters Live” they actually faked alot of the most compelling evidence but im not saying everything in the series is faked, due to that I have stopped trusting Ghost Hunters for real ghost footage.

  • Lauren says:

    Sorry, I can’t stand Ghost Hunters. Even if Ghost Adventures is fake, at least they keep me interested. Ghost Hunters bores me. And I don’t think Ghost Adventures has gotten worse. Yes, I don’t like the music sometimes but they do silence it when they play evidence. Another thing I like is they play the evidence three times. The one episode I watched with Ghost Hunters, they played their evidence once and they didn’t have a lot of evidence. People have complained about Zak and Nick “being mean to the ghosts” they’re only “mean” to the ones who hurt people. They want evidence. And being nice to an evil spirit isn’t going to get you any evidence, but pissing it off will.

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