Ghost Adventures – Goldfield Hotel – S04E16

The team makes another return visit to the Goldfield Hotel where they did their first investigation and claimed bricks and boards were thrown at them. This is also where they met the Constantinos who followed up Zak’s investigation with their own and caught EVPs and experienced things being thrown as well. However, the original intent of the investigation was to check out the Nixon Building and the Santa Fe Saloon since Red has locked down the hotel and doesn’t let people investigate there anymore. But in one of those ironic twists of fate that can only happen on television Red is around while they’re filming and he gives them permission to investigate there one more time. Oh the mystical power of television!

Activity around the Goldfield mainly stems from George Wingfield who was a greedy and rather ruthless mine owner. There are claims that he was rather cruel to the women he associated with. One claim is that he got a prostitute named Elisabeth pregnant and then chained her up in until she gave birth. At that point he ended up getting rid of her and the child. Zak claims in his previous investigations that he talked with or at least felt the presence of Elisabeth and he’s hoping to talk to her again.

As things get started (with the Constantinos in tow) they feel stones are already being thrown at them. The feel they debunk it as not being debris or things falling from the ceiling. Around this time they hear footsteps wandering through the halls. They also claim to get an EVP of "they’re here, what do you want". An interesting start, but it’s certainly not an evening full of brick throwing.

They move on and Zak believes he’s hearing Elisabeth crying and there is growling and snarling. While this is going on they all regroup to see how things are going. I find it amusing that they all admit they’re getting caught up in the moment and because of that the spirits are feeding off their energy. Seems more like they are working themselves into a frenzy and anything that happens will be considered paranormal. This is why I have such a hard time believing the evidence they come up. They hear what they want to hear and since they’re basically on edge anything that happens is proof of what they’re searching for. This is when they get the EVP that a spirit wants to talk to Zak.

But as they investigate further they bring out the PX device. I dislike this device and discount everything it records. For example, they claim to hear the word "kill" coming from it when it sounds more like "zero" to me. I guess zero doesn’t play as well on TV and put them in as much danger as the word "kill". They feel the box is letting them talk to Elisabeth, but I don’t think they get anything usable out of this. Of course it goes berserk and just starts making all sorts of wild noises and spits out static. Clearly this is not the work of a defective device but a device reacting to too much energy…

When all is said and done they get some static, get themselves all excited and feel once again they’ve communicated with the sprits they first ran into six years ago. They can certainly think that but I didn’t see any boards flying or bricks coming at them. I don’t really think they walked away with anything all that interesting.

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  • mandie N. says:

    When the Goldfield hotel video were the guy is upstairs and and they hear a bang watch were his lashligh goes there is a figure move down away from the light and goes back up hen back down.

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