Ghost Adventures – Crazy Town – S07E13

For this episode the guys head off to Mineral Wells, Texas for an investigation at the Baker Hotel, which has it’s claim to fame because of the mineral springs that were discovered in the area. During that time, the water claimed to have healing properties and would promote good health.

As with so many places like this, there is far more legend than fact. It’s believed there were murders and suicides. "Everyone knows the story of…" and proceed to tell of a woman trying to jump from the hotel balcony into the pool. Clearly, she misjudged the distance. And there is the story of the hotel mistress who was either pushed or jumped from the top story window.

The claims also see standard fair with phantom smells and the feeling of being touched. Yet again, there is the "woman in white" who runs down the halls. Interestingly, no physical evidence is associated with any of these claims.

So what evidence our intrepid trio come up with? As they scout the area and talk with Mark, a contractor who is working to restore the place, a door mysteriously opens behind them. No slamming, just a slight swing of the door. Mark and Nick claim they feel chills and cold spots right after the event starts happening.Certainly interesting, but is this anything more than just an old door slowly creaking open? Or do they really have a spirit trying to open the door? Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen again, so who knows. However, they do get an EVP which they believe is saying, "drink the water".

Once the lockdown has started, the three of them are standing on the upper floor when Zak starts to feel odd. He seems to have a cloud over him and they claim to see a shadow moving behind him. Is Zak feeling the effects of something sinister or is he having a reaction to all the debris that is flying around in the air? He has the mask on, but is there something more natural having an effect on him?

They split up and Aaron heads to the basement. He gets the word, "story" and "mommy" come through on the Ovilus. Next, there is the rather distinct sound of a girl saying, "mommy". Was there really just a spirit girl asking for her mom? Or is there some sound filtering from outside? It would be unusual, but not impossible. He is in an old building and who knows where the piping and venting go. If not, that is a most bizarre coincidence.

Aaron gets lots of noises and laughter of a little girl in the area he’s in. It does seem like there is a little girl playing down there. Oddly, they don’t really have a story of a little girl at the hotel. She seems playing, perhaps even a little mischievous. I wonder what Aaron has found.

When all is said and done, the evidence, what little they get, is inconclusive. There is the sound of the girl, but again, it might actually be a real girl who’s voice is carrying. They don’t capture any figures or forms, despite Zak’s insistence that all these orbs are balls of energy manifesting themselves. And the claims of witnesses are actually pretty tame. There really doesn’t seem to be any solid evidence, either through actual recorded events or personal experiences that makes this place seem all that active.

And by the way, the scrolling Twitter feed at the bottom of the screen was annoying as hell!

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