American Horror Story – S01E02

Things have really gotten weird. Constance (Jessica Lange) is awesome as the crazy wannabe movie starlet neighbor who has a penchant for young men and makes cakes with Ipecac and spit. We also see that Ben is pretty much a damn liar all way round. He’s really stepped in it with all his cheating and we know damn well and good it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass. Not much sympathy for that chap. Vivien is carrying the spawn of Satan, a la Rosemary’s Baby, and I have no doubt Constance, Moira and Tate are all in cahoots to make it happen. Obviously, this isn’t the first set of bodies they’ve had to bury either. Moira, ever the good housekeeper, will get the shovel.

I did love the groupies breaking in and trying to reenact the previous murders. Although they bungled the hell out of it, thanks to Tate who just happens to be in the right place at the right time. Authenticated murder weapons off eBay! It’s interesting that we see a flashback to yet another murder that took place in the house. There’s a whole stack of bodies in the past of this place.

But Mom kicks some ass and the strange trio comes to rescue in more ways than one. Fun is fun and Vivien is getting the hell out of there. She’s going to sell the house, but will she really be able to?

I can’t say this show is great, and the characters are still pretty lifeless, but it does have some interesting twists and turns to it. I have no doubt the body count will continue to rise.

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