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American Horror Story-Hotel – Season 5

I know American Horror Story season 5 completed several months ago, but I didn’t get a chance to watch it and with season 6 underway, I wanted to see what I missed. So it was time for a tv watching bender and while each season has been very good, I thought season 5 had some real interesting aspects to it.

There are true life elements woven into the different AHS stories, but season 5 really went after that. The hotel was based on the Hotel Cecil, which has a damn sketchy past. Serial killers did indeed call the place home, including Richard Ramirez – The Nightstalker. There was also a pretty grim discovery of a body in the water tank that was found because guests said the water was iscolored and tasted foul. That is all manner of wrong.

While the actual Hotel Cecil didn’t have the rooms, vaults and corridors as depicted, there was a certain hotel that did. It was based in Chicago and was run by H. H. Holmes. The Hotel Cortez even has the infamous vault, body chutes and furnace in the basement. The time period is different, but James Patrick March is Holmes, even down to "getting rid" of workman so no one would know the overall layout of the building.

We also have several real life serials killers that linger and show up for Devil’s Night. It’s a pretty nasty brood at the dinner table as they try to bring John into the fold. Bringing all those elements together made for intriguing and incredibly creepy stories.

It’s a variety of stories of themes, such as ghosts, vampires, killing sprees and the paranormal. But interestingly, a few threads come through about the meaning of relationships. Amidst the throat slashing, you have people trying to discover how to be in relationships and in love. And odd setting to be sure, but that just adds to the overall bizarre nature of it all.

There are also connections back to the first American Horror Story with psychic Billy Dean and Queenie. Queenie only makes a short appearance, but long enough for her voodoo skills to be consumed in an attempt to unseat the Countess. And we have Billy Dean, who comes to the hotel for Devil’s Night in a chance to talk with John about his crimes and why he did them. She is then treated to a host of holy horrors and takes a seat with serial killers from the past. This may put her off communicating with the spirit world for good.

Or does it?

As we jump into season 6, it feels as though we are watching a paranormal investigation re-enactment. Is Billy Dean just off camera getting the story of the events that took place? Will this lead to an investigation of the house? From there, will we be treated to an investigation of the Murder House from season 1?

That remains to be seen, but Season 5 was riveting. While more violent than other seasons, I was  more compelled to get to the next episode to find out what was going on. I would then say Season 3 was my next favorite with it’s witches and fascinating characters.

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American Horror Story – Freakshow – S01E01

image I just got done with the premiere episode of American Horror Story and I have to say it didn’t disappoint and it managed to stick in plenty of creepy characters. Right off the bat we get the creepy damn clown who has quite the penchant for stabbing people and keeping them prisoner. Of course, you have to wonder, is that a mask? Somehow I think not.

We also have the Siamese twins who have been rescued from the hospital so they can be the main attraction at the show. We have Lobster Boy, who has an interesting set of hands that seem to be a big hit with the ladies. Oh my goodness, I’m not sure if he’s using his powers for good or not. The other cast of characters include the bearded lady, the contortionist (who showed the entire tent a good time), the world’s smallest woman, the tall woman and several other characters who talents we are sure to meet along the way.

In the center ring we have Elsa, the woman who brings all the talent together. Her dream is to be famous or perhaps recapture the fame she once had. She enjoys being in the limelight and these new attractions will help give the troupe the boost they need to sell seats.

So we have the Siamese twins who have a few skeletons in their closet. We have Lobster Boy who has done away with the local constabulary because he was going to take away the twins and he used the word "freak" one too many times. We have the sinister clown that has a way with a pair of scissors and seems to collect people as toys. And we have Elsa who’s past I’m sure is so twisted and demented we’re going to shake our heads in disbelief.

But a damn fine kickoff to this season. And if you happen to catch the preview for the rest of the season more characters are on the way. This is going to be pretty damn exciting and oh so damn creepy. I already don’t like that clown. He’s not giving me nightmares yet, but then again he’s only been around for one episode. I have a feeling by the time we figure out his story and see the path of bodies he leaves in his wake, that guy is going to mess me up. I can already see we are going to see some really interesting people in this season.

So what do you think? Is this going to be the most bizarre season yet?

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American Horror Story – Freakshow

image Tomorrow is the new season of American Horror Story – Freakshow and from everything I’ve seen this is going to be even more messed up that the seasons that have before it. You know darn well and good their going to come up with the most bizarre and unusual things to throw at us this season. I’ve seen a few of the commercials and while we have them, we’re going to go far beyond the bearded lady. They even have the world’s smallest woman onboard so you know they scouted high and low for some thrills and shocks.

From what I can gather this season will focus on some murders that take place in a farming community and the horror it instills can be used to the advantage to the circus carnies. It also tells of the owner looking for new "attractions" for his freakshow. Considering we are right around the corner from Halloween there is going to be plenty of grim and outrageous scenes. And I have every reason to believe there will be some scene and a story involving demonic and twisted clowns that will make the Pennywise from IT seem tame. I’m looking forward to it!

The first episode of the new season is tomorrow night, Oct 8. The episodes run right throw Halloween so you know this is going to be twisted!

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American Horror Story – Coven – Season 3

image With American Horror Story now done, my trilogy of shows have come to an end for the year. Was this one the best so far? That is a tough call. Season 1 was pretty damn entertaining. Season 2 was pretty damn shocking. And Season 3 was pretty damn weird. So where does that leave us?

I think this Season of American Horror Story had some great elements to it, but it also had a few things that left me scratching my head. I thought it was great how the witch and voodoo factions were against each other, but then needed to come together to defend themselves against the corporation. Although, the resolution to the band of witch hunters by bankrupting them felt a little shallow. They did try to make up for this with a good old fashioned showdown at HQ with the Axe Man. But there quite a few story lines that felt rushed and perhaps just thrown in to fill the episode. I felt that way about Season 2. New story lines were introduced and then dropped immediately.

I was downright excited to see the season finale. My friends and I had many discussions on who we though the supreme would be. My money was on Swamp Witch (Misty Day) or Nan. I thought Nan was a great character for this season and it was a damn shame ended up on the wrong end of a hot bath. I really hoped she was going to make it to the end and there would be some epic battle between her and Madison. Just as her powers were building too.

Speaking of Madison, wow, what a bitch. :) Funny thing is though, she had all the power and skill to take over and lead the Coven but somehow allows herself to be strangled by Kyle. She can go to hell and back but she can’t get out of a choke hold?

Speaking of hell, I’m disappointed with the last episode and how everything seemed so rushed with the Seven Wonders. Zoe impaling herself didn’t make any sense to me. There are better ways of killing her off if that’s what they needed. Misty getting taken out so soon was disappointing as well. I figured she would have gotten further than she did. And there was this big thing about going to hell and back and it takes mere seconds for the others to make the journey. It would have been more intriguing to see what each version of their hell looked like. And really, arguing with Kyle is Zoe’s version of hell? Weak.

It feels a little cliché that Cordelia becomes the Supreme, but only after being encouraged by Myrtle. The daughter of a Supreme becoming the next one makes sense, but not the way they put it together. And after her triumph she does a TV infomercial felt like a bad ripoff of X-Men.

I really did like the show, but the last episode kind of bugged me. Like I said, it all felt really rushed as though it should have taken two episodes to get all that done. But still, a good season and there is no doubt I’m tuning in for Season 4, which is such a long way away.

One thing did come as a complete surprise to me – Madame Delphine LaLaurie. I didn’t realize this was a real person and thought it was a modern interpretation of Elizabth Bathory. I thought the abuse to the slaves was a change to the virgins Bathory bled and then executed. But oh no, LaLaurie is real and is her own special kind of crazy. She did indeed murder slaves, but managed to flee and then disappear. It’s rumored she died in Paris. Pretty damn weird.

So what say you? How did American Horror Story Coven compare to Asylum and the original? I thought this season was really good until we hit the last episode or two. So many side roads that could have been trimmed to make more room for a better finale. Anyone else feel the same way?

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