Ghost Adventures – The Copper Queen Hotel and The Oliver House – S06E03

I was very excited for this episode since I’m a big fan of Arizona and have been to the very places Zak, Nick and Aaron are investigating. I didn’t stay at either of these locations, but Bisbee is a pretty eclectic town and the legends run pretty deep.

Interestingly, we have two stories we’ve heard many times before. We have a story of lost love, where the woman declares her love, only to be scorned by the married man. She takes her own live by hanging herself in the hallway. I’m not sure why she would come out of her room to hang herself though. Why so public a display? You would think the pain would be more personal.

There is also the story of the Sheriff that finds his wife with another and shoots up the joint in revenge before ultimately taking his own life. Like so many other stories there isn’t an evidence to support this one. It sounds like a hell of a thing, but there’s nothing to say it really happened. Considering the time and place, it wouldn’t surprise me that such a thing would happen, but this particular yarn doesn’t have any supporting facts.

As far as the claims go, I can’t say that any of them really stand out. Cold spots, people being touched or tugged or seeing a woman in a mirror sounds like claims we’ve heard hundreds of times before. Furniture stacking is interesting, I’m sure Ray and Igon would be impressed, but where is the manager to corroborate the story? There was another guy who saw the whole thing, but strangely, he’s absent.

We all know the greed, lust, envy and general lawlessness that took place in those early miner days, it wouldn’t surprise me to find the city is charged with energy. I didn’t personally experience any, but what do Zak, Nick and Aaron come up with?

As they start their investigation in the Oliver House they come across what the believe is a woman screaming and someone saying, "I’m angry." They also hear the sound of chains being rattled around. One thing we need to keep in mind is that this is a working house complete with plumbing and the sound of rattling pipes could come across as screams, footsteps and even chains. Is the house just settling or is Jakob Marley wandering the halls of the Oliver House?

The second part of the lockdown takes place in the Copper Queen where the prostitute took her life. There is also the spirit of, "Billy", a young boy that seems attached to the hotel. The get some interesting phrases like, "Put down the rope." As Zak comments, is this someone trying to talk the prostitute out of taking her own life? There are also plenty of footsteps all over the place. Again, are these real or the sound of the pipes rattling?

But the big evidence is the shower curtain moving as they try to make talk to Billy. Apparently he gets distressed when the water is running. I discount that he screams when you turn on the water. That happens far too often and definitely sounds like some leaking plumbing.

So what about that curtain? Was it moved by the water? Was it warm air rising out of the tub? Did a spirit get in or out of that tub? I’m not calling fakery of any kind, but if you wanted to make things move it certainly wouldn’t be hard since we don’t see the bottom of the curtain. Just sayin’.

In the end what do we have here? Well, I think these are two pretty cool locations that I would like to go back to and see for myself. I think mining towns like Bisbee are full of wild stories, ill deeds, ruthless characters and misdeeds. Some are based on true events while others have taken on a life of their own. Since these stories are so old and the records so bad, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Are these two locations haunted? I think it’s worth looking into some more.

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