Ghost Adventures – The Zozo Demon – S10E03

image We’re off to Oklahoma City to investigate a house where a man used a Talking Board also known as the Ouija to contact the spirit world and it’s believed he let through a spirit named Zozo. This is supposed to be a dark energy and one that cause harm and even inflict sexual assault on it’s victims. The door was originally opened by Darren who believes he was possessed by the spirit. He also states that odd things have been going on inside the house and now he and his wife are afraid of their home.

Zak states that Zozo is an evil entity and there have numerous reports of Zozo being conjured by these boards. He then meets with Robert Murch, Chairman of the Talking Board Historical Society. Interestingly, Robert says the more people believe in something the more real it is to them. He also states a lot of people say they contact Zozo. However, from listening to him, he doesn’t really state that using the Spirit Board actually opens a door. It’s more that if you think something has happened, then in your mind it did. Basically, if you wander around in the dark with the idea you’re chasing the devil, then in your mind that’s the reality. That’s the crux of it, you’ve convinced yourself something has happened regardless of whether or not it really did. So when Zak convinces himself that a place is haunted then in his mind everything is slanted to that end. Regardless of how things really play out, that place is haunted. And obviously, Zak believes this place has the devil inside.

To start things off and to show just how dangerous this house is, they bring in the handyman and have him sit on the stairs. Within seconds he’s saying something is brushing up against him and he bolts for the exit. Zak decides he needs to sit there with his Mel Meter that shows 1.0 and 1.1 repeatedly as a reading. To Zak, this is Zozo being spelled out. Ok, sure, whatever Zak.

There is a lot of talk about all the noises that go in the house. Not to be rude or judgmental, but the house is a shit box. Look at the walls. Look at the stairs. Look at the basement. The whole damn thing is falling apart. The stairs are insanely narrow and sagging. The wood is split, the walls are dirty as hell and everything about this place makes me feel like it’s going to topple over or someone is going to fall through the floor. Really? You’re surprised this place has creaks and makes noise? God only knows what’s living in those walls.

The investigation consists of Nick and Darren sitting around the Talking Board with the intent of contacting Zozo. They have to throw out their cautionary words of using the Board and opening a portal to hell. Again, I’m simply stunned with how easy it is to conjure demons from the depths of hell using cardboard covered in letters.

It should come as no surprise that the planchette starts to move back and forth and spell out Zozo. Wouldn’t we all be embarrassed if it spelled out something else? Of course, Nick repeatedly states he’s not moving it and it’s all outside of his control. Just who is he trying to convince?

But it’s during this time that the house starts to make all sorts of noises such as bangs and footsteps. Nick speaks of electricity charging through his body and down to his fingertips. The same fingertips that he assures everyone are barely touching the board.

Kathleen, Darren’s wife, decides this is a good time to make an exit because it’s all just to scary and dangerous for her. Nick and Darren keep at it and Zak is mystified how the word Zozo keeps getting spelled out.

Kathleen then makes a reappearance in a confused state and her belt undone. Zak jumps to the conclusion that Kathleen has been assaulted by the spirit energy. Kathleen even states the demon wanted to see her tits. Pervy little devil isn’t he? Dramatic effect for the sake of ratings? Clearly not.

As usual when there is supposed demonic energy around, Zak sits off on his own in a trance like state. He’s caught in a web of emotion and can’t move. He gets stuck like that a lot. Kathleen seemed to slip out of the demonic grasp and has wandered outside and disappeared. Oh no, she’s been lured outside by a demonic force. Zak jumps into his rent-an-suv and gives chase. He doesn’t have idea which way she went or how the neighborhood is laid out, but that won’t stop him. Good thing the pursuit comes to an end mere moments later when Darren catches up with him and says he took Kathleen back to the hotel. Hmm, she has her belt undone and a lusty look in her eye and there is a hotel near by. Say no more my good man!!

Nothing is said of where she went or what happened. It’s better to remain vague and mysterious about these things. Zak links the howling of the dogs he hears in the neighborhood to this visit by Zozo.

They decide switch things up a bit and have Darren work the Spirit Board with Jay, the other sound technician for the show. He had a bad experience using the Ouija years ago where a friend tried to stab him in the throat with a dagger after they conjured their own Zozo. Boy, that Zozo gets around doesn’t he?

With Darren and Jay at the helm the dark force spells out kill and that he will manifest within Nick. More trouble breaks out as Zak tells Nick what to do while he’s safely tucked away somewhere else. Even the demon thinks it’s funny as he spells out HA-HA, because that’s what spirits do. They don’t actually laugh into the digital records and say, Zak you’re a jackass, they spell it out like it’s instant messaging.

There are more bumps and bangs and even a couple more unexplained voices. It’s all manner of chaos when the devil is in town. And as they decide to wrap things up, they’re on edge that the devil is going to come through Nick.

Yes indeed, we had plenty of bangs and bumps and knocks in this POS house. This place is a wreck so who knows where all these noises are coming from. I’m not going to believe that the devil or some minion of the devil known as Zozo is going to choose this place to make his grand entrance. And I’m still not going to believe that the Ouija is a tool for contact spirits. I don’t care that Nick felt the planchette move. This all seems like the plot of a bad B-rate horror movie. Could it be any more cliché? Could it be any more predictable? The only thing missing was pea soup.

Again, if you think something is real, your mind makes it real. After all, isn’t that what the Matrix taught us?


Oh my goodness, oh my damn!  Have a look at these screen grabs. The top picture is taken of Kathleen at the top of the stairs. In my recording this is at 20:27. The second image is Kathleen on the stairs supposedly taken less than 5 seconds later. In my recording this is 20:32. Notice her belt is indeed undone and hanging open.

Just as Ash commented, something isn’t right about this. You can call it what you want, but to me this looks like a whole lot of faked evidence. Anyone with an HD capture of this same time frame want to comment?

It took several years for Jason and Grant to get caught with this same sort of silliness, but it eventually came back around on them. Looks like we have the same thing going on here. I think it’s time to call bullshit on the Ghost Adventures team.

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18 Responses to Ghost Adventures – The Zozo Demon – S10E03

  • Ash says:

    If you slow down the footage of Kathleen leaving down the steps, you can clearly see her belt is already undone which is why they sped it up as she walked down. I had to go to 1/15th slow motion, but it’s clearly there. She went to the bathroom, forgot to put her belt back together, went outside and snorted a few Xanax and then came back in all loopy. I lost a lot of respect for them on this little stunt…

  • RottenOne says:

    Ash, you have an INCREDIBLY KEEN EYE!!! I did just what you said and loaded up the file into a video editor and checked it frame by frame. You are absolutely right! Kathleen’s belt is fine at the top of the stairs, but undone by the time she gets to the bottom. I updated my post with screen grabs from the video for all to see and judge. From where I’m sitting this looks like faked evidence. I think it’s pretty clear from this that Zak and his team are definitely staging these investigations and when something exciting doesn’t happen, they make stuff up.

  • Alex says:

    I think they aired different shots..? I just watched “extra pulses” of the zozo episode on the travel channel. She steps into the room all loopy and barefoot, leaves with black flip flops on and her belt is still undone when she heads downstairs. But what you show says otherwise (with her belt being done at the top and her being barefoot at the bottom of the stairs). Whatever the case, this episode was complete BS to me.

  • Jamie says:

    My daughter is watching an episode of this show. I found this post using the search “i call bullshit on ghost adventures”. I thank you for using that phrase. :-)

    For the record I don’t believe in any of this bs.

  • Vinnie says:

    Not taking their said but im pretty sure they used the same footage of her going downstairs for the 2 times she left, thats why 2nd time was sped up. Belt was exact same. Also, you people aren’t paying full attention becase when she came upstairs when the belt was first undone you can see she doesn’t buckle . it up all the way. When she goes to sit back down its not done all the way stil and she doesn’t look to properly buckle while sitting. Then when she got up 2nd time the bel was the exact same, not buckled all the way. So you guys are incorrect. As to why the footage of her going down the stairs twice, maybe over sight, maybe the footage of 2nd exit was not usable, who knows. Other than that I do think they hype things a bit but I feel most things are how they see and interprete things. I do however have little belief in Ouija boards. But thats my opinion. Thing is paranormal hunting is not an.exact 100 percent thing. Noone knows whats real, whats outside noise or normal house or building noises, whats radio or cell interference, satalite, radio, who knows. Its all what you feel it to be and I feel this is what they do…show us their experiences.

  • The white prince says:

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    I want you all always to remember this name and any other similar name(zozo), ZOZO is an evil spirit or call it demon, that has been linked to murders and suicides and illnes throughout the world. He comes usually through Ouija sessions and begins working on the mental stability of its users searching I think for vulnerable victims.
    The best thing is never play such games,my target is to creat awarness among humans and to help or heal his victims and the best thing is to avoid this evil entities
    May God bless you all
    the white prince

  • RottenOne says:

    Well, here is my take on events. The intent of this segment was to suggest that Kathleen had been seduced, perhaps even assaulted by the Zozo demon (if there is such a thing). The dazed and confused manner and the undone belt were to portray a sexual element. This is further supported as Kathleen says the entity says, “I want to see your tits.” (or something to that effect)

    The main point being the events have been heavily edited and do not reflect the true nature of what happened. There is deliberate trickery with the editing and that points to staging. One man’s staging is another man’s faking.

    My conclusion is the events portrayed are not real and were set up.

  • N2ITIVE1 says:

    I call BS on the GA team. Thank you for making these shows more transparent to the general viewer. One point to add to RottenOne’s comment – one man’s staging/editing becomes another man (audience’s) reality.

    By the way, in case you didn’t know it, THIS is the episode where Nick was found out by Zak and team and it was actually used in the show! Unbelievable! Here is the truth, behind the lies of TV:

    As soon as the Jay gets on the spirit board, it gets creative and spells out Nigk G goodbye?? So the Zozo demon cares that Nick is leaving the show? You can see Nick get visibly upset tries to leave the house, which the board then says No. Zak says it doesn’t want you to leave, “Zozo doesn’t want you to leave Nick”, to which Nick says, I don’t care what he wants. Then Zak says, “do you want to kill Nick? To which the board spells out “kill”. What does Nick say about that? he nervously laughs and “are you talking through Zak?” Read between the lines folks. Their personal squabble about Nick leaving the show was turned into a demon show. The fact that they release this shows how ridiculous it really is.

    Evidence is faked, EMF are all whispers – that’s a fact. You can even see their lips move sometimes. Watch their reactions to some noises, it isn’t surprise, they made it, so they just announce it. The noises captured on this episode sounded like balls being bounced off the house. Perhaps the actors and production team thing they are recreating scenes that are included in the actual evidence. Who knows. People who were on this investigation were strung-along, as they always are. The girl was stoned and losing it. The dude had mental issues.

    While there is a world most people do not know about, there is also a fake world; produced by Hollywood to create entertainment. It is ingested whole by the masses as reality. There is no doubt the shows can be perceived as scary. Running around in the dark is scary to most. The green hue of you television of a night vision camera can also create an air of fear. Some of their evidence might not be faked at all, but I would say that most is. Let’s face facts. Not all places are haunted and they are certainly are not haunted all the time. Look at Ghost Hunters. As soon as Grant Wilson left, the evidence decreased to the point that the show is on its last leg (aka Jason). All of this is for the power of fame & money. That’s ENTER….TAIN……MENT!

  • Trish River. says:


    Calm down, dude.

  • Marcus says:

    Good catch, but regardless of the “beltgate”, the GA team and their approach is utter BS.
    In this episode, they had some fat dude, playing with the Ouija board. Anyone genuinely interested in investigating would look to debunk or confirm the cause of the Ouija board pointer’s movement. They didn’t, they stood there and took at face value. Its terrible investigative work at best, but most likely total fraudulent TV BS lol.

  • Sam says:

    Fab breakdown of the episode. I LOVE GA, but yeah the house was a real pile and falling to bits anyway. I don’t know what beasties you guys have in Oklahoma City, but yeah that my my first thought – the place is probably crawling with them. No explanation of where wifey went? Doubly odd – a couple of comments here say she seemed high. I couldn’t agree more. Nonetheless, got to say I loved it, but can we get back to just Zak and the guys on their own?

  • Jamie Lopez says:

    I live here in Oklahoma and this house is in fact haunted ! They used to rent the house out and not even a month and ppl moved out due to unexplained activity going on .i can’t vouch for the ga investigation,but a lot of neighbors will tell you they can’t keep tenants in that house .its now for sale and they can’t sell it because of what goes on paranormal wise .this house is in what we call in Oklahoma City ..little Mexico and houses are rented cheap .but even neighbors said even vacant weird shit goes on over there .

  • GALOVER says:

    Belt buckle, and no shoes, but when she came in did you miss the part where they said it smells like shit or something to that affect? Could she have went out for a pee and stood in dog mess? Remember we heard dogs howling so dogs are in the area? The belt buckle was her quickly needing the toilet so undoes herself as she probably won’t use toilet with a group of men in house so sneaked outside somewhere to do it? This standing in dogs mess hence why she would be barefooted coming back in? she was definitely on something as well, combine that and make some crazy stuff up. My first thought and I burst out laughing, honestly think that’s what happened.

    Just a scenario But more likely true.

  • GALOVER says:

    Belt buckle, and no shoes, but when she came in did you miss the part where they said it smells like shit or something to that affect? Could she have went out for a pee and stood in dog mess? Remember we heard dogs howling so dogs are in the area? The belt buckle was her quickly needing the toilet so undoes herself as she probably won’t use toilet with a group of men in house so sneaked outside somewhere to do it? This standing in dogs mess hence why she would be barefooted coming back in? she was definitely on something as well, combine that and make some crazy stuff up. My first thought and I burst out laughing, honestly think that’s what happened.

    Just a scenario But more likely true.

  • S.E says:

    So,just throwing it out there,is all this negativity about this zozo clip and the point calling GAC. a fake or everything done by them under scrutiny,just curious…

  • angel says:

    I know this post is old as hell but I have to put my 2 cents in. I actually think GA got duped (maybe) they should have done more research. but does anyone else notice that things ramp up when the wife is ” outside ” and when she comes back she brings a bad smell with her( they have chemicals to duplicate those bad smells, and all it takes is to break a small vial and BAM u smell like s*it, hunters make themselves smell like piss all the time) we won’t even mention her HORRIBLE acting… the the next time she goes missing things really amp up and they never look in that one door and who’s to say she didn’t climb in through a window and make all that noise. cuz we’re just supposed to believe that the husband found her and just took her to a hotel with out letting any of the crew know? she was in that house the whole time! and HE was moving the planchet. and if you needed more proof at the very end the last EVP they got was ,”I didn’t do it blank blank”. I think that was what ever is really their letting them know they got duped.

  • RottenOne says:

    I’m going to agree with you. But at the same time slightly disagree. I don’t think Ghost Adventures was duped at all, but rather this entire episode, and in fact the idea of Zozo, is staged and a fabrication. This episode is nonsense through and through.

    I agree, there are dozens of ways to make a terrible smell, including stepping in a pile of dog crap while she skulks about outside. Or a dead animal. Or a stink bomb. Or a backed up toilet. Or down wind from the waste lines.

    I’m quite sure this show was put together to promote the Zozo idea and to put together what Zak most likely thought would be an episode that scared the crap out of people.

  • MJewell says:

    My personal opinion, I believe that Ghosts, Spirits or Energy orb, whatever you may recall them. I think ZoZo, the devil, is related to Satan because of the power ZoZo has and how he interacted with Kathleen. When they also visited Loftus Hall, Lady Anne gave birth to Satan’s child, Lucifer I suppose, So ZoZo may have a connection with Satan.

    And again……It’s what I think. No hate.

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