Ghost Stalkers – Whisperers Estate – S01E01

image Here we have inaugural episode of Ghost Stalkers which takes us into places believed to house portals to the supernatural and paranormal. Chad and John believe there are pockets of energy where the world of the living and the world of the dead collide and they’d like to find and document those places. This is a philosophy held by many people and cultures. Many believe a near death experience puts you between those worlds. Since Chad and John both had a near death experience, it’s their desire to find a way to communicate with this other world and see what lies on the other side.

The first stop is in Mitchell, Indiana at the Whisperers Estate. The home was originally built by John and Jesse Gibbons. Dr John practiced medicine at his home and it is said his personal life was rife with problems. His daughter supposedly died in the house after suffering second degree burns all over her body from an accident in the fireplace. The doctor was so distraught that many thought he went mad from his misery.

But the current owner believes there is something more dangerous and sinister lurking around. He claims guests have been scratched, slapped, pushed and attacked. He even says he was pushed down the stairs by this entity. A medium claims there is a dark portal in the corner of the house. There are even claims of a half man, half goat creature hiding inside.

There are lots of stories and rumors about this place so John and Chad spent the night alone in the house to document what, if anything happens in the still hours of the night.

Chad is the first to sit alone and right away he is wrought with fear and tension. He is a bundle of nerves and it’s not clear whether he is going to break down in tears or simply run out the front door. At this same time he believes he captures and EVP saying, "Chad, be a man". The gauntlet has been throw down and now Chad is determined to face his fears and investigate the house.

Things don’t exactly get better for him. As he looks around upstairs he feels he hears someone coming up the stairs to be with him. Of course, no one is there. There is however a bat circling around and it makes multiple sweeps back and forth.

Chad then heads to the basement where he feels touched on the back. While he is down there, the footage shows a chair on the second floor rock one time. The chair happens to have a little girls doll sitting in it.

At the end of his time, Chad says he spent the entire night feeling like he was poked, prodded, touched and even punched. He comes out no worse for wear, but he is firmly convince that something evil and sinister is in the house.

John then takes his turn in the house, but things are much more calm for him, that is until he feels a burning sensation on his back and lifts his shirt to reveal a scratch running down his spine. There are two thin, red marks going down his back which he believes are claw marks. He also claims he was pushed by something and there is a ringing in his ears.

While he doesn’t show the same signs as Chad, he feels that at the end of the night there is something coming through this portal. And this is a portal they believe they can measure.

When we look objectively at what we have, there is very little true evidence. Being scared or feeling touched are going to happen when you get yourself that worked up. Yes, John did have lines running down his back, but let’s be fair, that could be from anything. It could be from the very unusual furniture, it could be from the wall or something sticking out. Hell, it could be from one of the obvious animals that live in the house. Bats in the belfry Vern!!!

Another thing, the house is under some obvious distress. It needs additional support as seen by John in the crawlspace. The house is sagging which will cause people to feel off balance. I love old homes and I’ve been in dozens of them, in fact one that looks quite similar to the one in this episode and the floor tilted and leaned. I was in one that was so bad I was dizzy after being there for less than 20 minutes. Not every odd feeling is paranormal. Of course when you wander around in the dark and build up that tension, the mind will play tricks.

So, is this place haunted and more to the point is there a portal that allows entities from the spirit world into this once? Nothing in this episode convinces me of that. It’s just an old house with crappy support and a lot of stories surrounding it. It also doesn’t help that there are all sorts of skull and macabre decorations all over the place. Hey, I think they’re cool, but it sort of seems to send a mixed message.

The show was interesting and dramatic, but let’s take a step back and make note of one thing. This show is being produced and edited by none other than Nick Groff. Yes, that Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures fame. A group that believes every place they enter is full of dark and demonic energy. Does putting his name negate the show? No, but it does make you remember that this is all done for dramatic effect.

Still, an interesting kickoff and we’ll see what next week brings us. Chad needs to settle his nerves just a little, but perhaps that will level out a touch.

What did you think? First of all can such a portal between worlds and exists and if so, would this house serve as such an entrance?

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