Ghost Adventures – Apache Junction – S10E08

For this investigation, Zak and team head out to Goldfield, Arizona to investigate a town that lies in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains. Bob Schoose rebuilt Goldfield and discovered a body while doing the initial excavation. Turns out he stumbled onto a cemetery where the markers had simply rotted away over time. Many believe it is this spirit and possibly some others which haunt the area and show themselves to some of the locals.

But there is supposedly a more recent spirit that may still be lingering in the area. A woman named Karin, recently passed and she worked at the "brothel" in the town. It is said her voice can still be heard. It is believed she and the unknown prospector still roam the halls and sit in the chairs.

There are other deaths in the local vicinity too. The Superstition Mountains are rumored to contain the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine which and many have died trying to find it. Men will set out to find fortune and glory, never to be heard from again. Zak weaves a tale that the reason the mine can’t be found is that is exist on the other side of a portal. Won’t Zak be surprised when he later learns that Bob Schoose knows exactly where the mine is located and that it’s all been mined out. Hmmm, which one of them is telling the tall tale here?

As they get started with the investigation in the mind, things are very quiet, except for Zak farting on camera and the rest of the team acting like a bunch of 10 years. It’s all pretty stupid so let’s just move on.

While Jay is watching the cameras, he believes he sees a cowboy wandering the streets. The team assembles a thermal imager to cover the area and believe they capture someone in a trenchcoat walking into the brothel. They believe this is confirmed because there are noises coming out of the brothel at the same time. Zak heads in there and believes he picks up the words, "I’m Vic" when he asks who is in there with them. The mysterious voice claims to be the spirit of the unknown prospector.

While in there, Zak picks up another voice that says, "Make it go" and "I was hurt". He feels this might be the voice of Karin who used to work at the brothel.

The investigation then moves over to the museum where they heard a whole series of footsteps. These always seem to occur in the exact place they’re not standing.

For the finale, Zak places rem pods by the marker for the unknown prospector that Bob dug up. Zak asks questions and gets responses on the pods. They blink and beep and make all sort of noise as Zak points for different ones to light up. It’s an interesting light show to be sure.

It’s a rather quiet investigation to be honest. You can take the sound of the voices for what you will. And the footsteps are dubious at best. You can hear footsteps from dozens of different things. Perhaps there was some ethereal force walking around, perhaps creaking boards. And the rem pods? Well, that could be something unique or devices simply reacting to elements in the air. Considering some people claim to have 30 minute conversations with full bodies apparitions, Zak and team came away a little light.

I’ve been to Arizona multiple times and the legends surrounding the place are immense. There are more ghost towns and haunted prospector stories than you can shake a stick at. It’s all great fun to listen to and perhaps or two might have some basis in reality. No doubt men lost their lives in search of gold, copper and other minerals. Men were shot and hanged for the most trivial of matters. Lots of exciting story about the Wild West, just look at Boot Hill. So is Goldfield haunted? I don’t know Zak confirmed that, but it’s a fun story nonetheless.

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