Ghost Adventures – Reseda House of Evil – S13E04

image For the next adventure, we’re off to Reseda, where the owner makes a bold claim – someone has died in every room of the house, including the previous owner. Zak claims people are getting possessed and sexually abused by a dark, demonic spirit. Again, we’ve put the paranormal aside and stand firmly in the realm of the demonic. Zak is even convinced this is a life or death situation.

Devon, the current owner of the house, explains the multiple deaths due to drug overdose and suicide. Six people have taken their lives and Devon believes the house feeds on the darkness generated from the drug use.Zak readily agrees. It appears the previous owner, John, was one of the biggest drug dealers in the area.

Several residents claim to have seen a woman in distress, a phantom and a form of dark energy. This entity tries to sexually assault them during the night. One person claims the entity said the house was bad.

Zak brings in Patti Negri, who admits this is the only place she hasn’t been able to clear of dark energy. As Patti is discussing the house, Devon claims something is attached to him and won’t let go. An energy passed right through him.

As they get more information about the area, we hear of Indian burial grounds from Dr Gerald Fecht, who is writing about ghost of the San Fernando Valley. And because of the large earthquake that rocked the area, Billy checks the geo-magnetic readings.

Oddly, the numbers spike at 94 through 110, then drop down to nearly nothing. Is there a massive pocket of energy around that affects the people who stay there? Is this like a huge EMF reading and fear cage mentality? Are we sure Billy knows how to use that thing?

As the investigation gets underway, we have the familiar situation of Aaron feeling sick and dizzy. But within minutes, things get ugly as they turn on each other. Zak is acting paranoid, Aaron feels sick, Billy is on edge. Zak claims a dark mist and orbs of energy are causing it.

Next, Zak doesn’t want to enter a room and taunts Billy to do it. The jibes escalate and Billy lashes out verbally. Zak continually says they are being consumed by evil.

With tensions running high, they take a break and gather themselves. Then it’s back to record some responses to questions. They ask if the entity is making people kill themselves and get a response of "thank you." This is followed by the words, "he’s here" and "come in here." Zak believes these are referring to an evil spirit.

With all the events going on, Billy has a bad moment and breaks down. Something evil touched him and something bad is attached to Zak. Oddly, Zak is tight behind him, so Billy could have easily mistaken that.

They make their way to the bedroom and get a cold spot on the bed, a spot they think is moving and getting larger. Zak says there is an indentation and it’s ice cold. This might be John, the previous owner, still taking up residence in the bedroom.

Zak is firmly convinced the house is driving people mad and they almost lost their sanity while inside. However, let’s have a look at a couple things.

Devon says John suffered from paranoid schizophrenic and was on medication. However, John wasn’t diligent about taking his medication.

Additionally, if we believe Billy, there are high geo-magnetic readings around the house, which could explain some paranoia and seeing things.

Zak acting rude and bullying people is not a sign of the demonic, he does that all the time. To be blunt, it’s another round of dramatic dinner theater they’re putting on. Their evidence doesn’t capture anything otherworldly or demonic. Quite frankly, they worked themselves into a frenzy and already had it in their minds that demonic forces were out to get them.

The more plausible explanation for previous events is mental illness and drug addiction.

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4 Responses to Ghost Adventures – Reseda House of Evil – S13E04

  • LishaKrishna says:

    Reseda House of Tweakers

  • Very concerned says:

    I know that “Devon Klyne”formerly Christopher Max Watts of Richton, Mississippi until his name change, is full of shot. He married a woman back in 2002 that was convicted of murdering her husband, a cardiovascular surgeon from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Her name was Stephanie Stephens. Her husband that she murdered was named David Stephens. Devon( formerly Christopher Watts at the time) was arrested for hiring an undercover agent to murder the mother of his child. He was previously investigated for molesting his daughter and also it is known that he molested several other family members’ children before leaving Mississippi. He ended up in California when he finished his federal prison sentence in Lexington, Kentucky. He was sent to a half-way house in San Francisco after his release. He is a professional con-artist and is extremely capable of murder among other horrible things. I have first-hand knowledge of his horrible nature. To think that he conned the man who owned the house into leaving him his stuff and then murdering him, is more likely than not. He needs to be investigated..this is almost certainly why he changed his no one could put it together.

  • Ed says:

    Another episode brought back for Extra Pulses. “Reseda House of Evil” or “The Ghost Adventures Crew Visit a Drug Den”. From the start of the episode, it was obvious there was something wrong with the house which wasn’t supernatural as well with the past inhabitants and the current ones. The original owner John was a nice guy – who just happened to deal drugs and let others do drugs (and who knows what else) inside the house which led to overdoses, suicides and other deaths. The current owners and “tenants” also seem to have problems of their owns. At the start of the investigation, Zak and Co. start with their usual freak-outs. In this situation, it might not necessarily be acting. Given the past drug use in the house over the many years, who knows if it has ever been thoroughly cleaned or aired out and what substances might be on surfaces or in the air. That and Zak’s constant nagging/harassment toward crew members also explains Billy’s shouting at Zak, noting dark or supernatural. Many iffy EVPs and spirit voice, including one which is salaciously interpreted as “Wanna suck it?” even though it sounds nothing close to it. Some interesting evidence but nothing which quite lives up to the supposed evil reputation of the house.

  • Smoke screen says:

    @ very concerned I got the same vibe that he had something to do with his death and the other people knew something about it.

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