Ghost Adventures – George Washington Ghost – S09E03

image The crew of the Ghost Adventures heads out to New York to investigate a historic site linked with loads of dark energy – the Morris–Jumel Mansion. Between September 14 and October 20, 1776, General George Washington used the mansion as his temporary headquarters after he and his army were forced to evacuate Brooklyn Heights following their loss to the British Army under the command of General William Howe in the Battle of Long Island.

In 1810 the house was then taken over by Eliza Jumel. She was a lower class woman who tried to work her way up in society. She had some interesting political views that caused a bit of a stir in France. She was then asked to leave and returned to her home. She lived in the house until she died in 1865. Eliza is rumored to have murdered her husband Stephen Jumel by not tending to his wounds and ultimately letting him bleed to death.

While certainly historic and this is the location many of the Founding Father’s would have worked at, the "dark energy" just seem like it’s there. Perhaps that’s why they decide to take on another investigation at Katie’s Pub where the owner says he has dark energy and shadow figures lurking in his basement. The bar is supposedly the location where Carl "Charlie" Henry Klein committed suicide using a shotgun. They claim there is a bad vibe and negative feelings, but there aren’t any truly sinister events to support this. Someone did indeed take their life, but the owner claims the place is infested with dark energy.

It’s very easy to sum up this investigation as nothing really happens. Nick handles the Morris-Jumel Mansion while Zak and Aaron check out the bar. The big event for the bar is the black plastic that covers the Exit sign comes down. At the mansion Kinect device flips out and shows some stick figure, which they think is an entity, crawl up Billy’s backside. It’s kind of interesting, but are you really saying you’ve hacked the device that Microsoft built for the Xbox and now you can see the paranormal activity with it?

But overall these locations seem completely harmless. Zak and Nick both endlessly say there is bad energy and how they feel nauseous, or how it’s heavy, or whatever melodramatic term they want to use, but as far as evidence goes and not just feelings or an act their putting on, they don’t capture anything. A bag tearing off a sign isn’t the paranormal. There were no glasses thrown like the owners claim. There were no apparitions of Eliza appearing on the veranda as claimed. Maybe the spirits didn’t want to come out and play that night, but to me this is a whole lot of hype and no substance.

Eliza Jumel
Morris–Jumel Mansion

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