Halloween Themes for WordPress

Because there is a complete lack of Halloween related WordPress themes that are worth a damn, artrojasdesign has taken up the mantle to correct this injustice. With that in mind we have brought to bear six all new Halloween inspired themes. We have taken great care to make a theme that is both highly functional and good looking. Each theme features a wide main body with a right sidebar and original photography in the header. They are also widget ready. There are no hidden links or encrypted/encoded text in any of our themes; we hate that kind of nonsense and we’re sure you do too.

We are offering these themes at no charge and you are free to modify them in any way you see fit, but no passing them off as your own, that’s not cool and we’ll have to send a flaming pumpkin to hunt you down and gut you like a fish! The only thing we ask is that the header graphics not be used in any other themes. We’d really like you to keep the footer links in tact too – which is simply a link back to this site and nothing more – however if you feel the urge to ditch that, we’re not going to stop you. We reserve the right to flip you off and say all sorts of crap about you behind your back if we see you’ve done something like that though.

If you’re feeling kind and generous perhaps you could drop a comment or link on another site, or if you’re feeling especially philanthropic maybe you can toss a coin or two into the tip jar.

We have a new batch of themes in the works right and should be posting those in the next few days so check back for more Halloween related themes. If you have an idea or suggestion for what you’d like to see in a theme, just drop us a note. Our themes have been tested against WordPress 2.8.4, but if you run into any problems just let us know.

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