Ghost Adventures – Salem Witch House – S04E19

Zak and the crew are in Salem, Massachusetts to look into the Salem Witch Trials, perhaps ground zero for paranormal activity. Out of all the places they’ve visited I think this would rank at the top of the places I would like to visit myself. The entire history seems almost too fantastic to believe. It’s hard to imagine such hysteria could exist, but as we’ve seen, when people get worked persuasion and suggestion become overwhelmingly powerful. I honestly could write pages about this place and my thoughts on it, but we need to stick to the investigation.

Zak, Nick and Aaron are investigating Salem Witch House which is the location of the trials and the hangings themselves. I find it very interesting that they had to get permission from the city council to actually film there. Salem markets the witch angle, but they are still fearful and embarrassed about their dark past. Perhaps they were concerned the Crew would actually uncover something?

It’s pretty funny watching Zak running around the streets of the city looking for witches. Well, it’s embarrassingly funny. I do like the witches on the Segways though. The new age broom so to speak.

Zak is desperately looking for a witch and finds one in a craft shop. She is willing to help them with the investigation and gets Christian Day to attend their lockdown. They meet up in the house and hold a ritual to communicate with the spirits. They get things underway by bringing out the Spirit Box and get several voices talking to them. They claim they’re talking to Bridget Bishop (who was hanged for witchcraft) and she claims her innocence to them. Is it interesting or suspect that this is the voice they would claim to get? Maybe a little too convenient? But then again … what if???

They guys also have another assistant, Max, from a local paranormal group who comes in to help them. The Spirit Box continues to get voices and they bring out the PK meter to show temperature fluctuations and changes in EMF readings. They claim to see things, capture voices and even get a phantom smell in the room.

I’m sure it’s all pretty damn exciting considering where they are. But for me, the evidence was pretty dodgy. I just don’t like these devices. It’s hard to have confidence that they are capturing real voices. But they were in Salem so I still found the episode fascinating. I don’t think they really captured too much, but the location alone makes this one fun to watch.

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  • Tlyna says:

    Have been there. Found nearby Plymouth spookier, especially the cemetery where John and Priscilla Alden and Miles Standish are buried. I went early on a gray, foggy morning surrounded by tombstones from the 1600s. It could have been a great set for a horror movie.

    By the way was the witch Zak found Laurie Cabot?

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