Ghost Adventures – Valentine’s Day Special – LongFellow’s Wayside Inn – S04E18

Normally you don’t associate ghosts and Valentine’s Day, but Zak, Nick and Aaron have managed to figure out a way to tie them together. Zak decides to have a lockdown at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn during Valentine’s Day to see if he can make contact with Jerusha. Legend has it that she waited decades for her lover to return and finally died of a broken heart.

She is said to occupy two rooms in the hotel, her old bedroom and the room next to it. Guests who stay in the room claim to have all sorts of experiences such as being touched or caressed in the middle of the night or waking up to find an indentation of a body next to them in bed. It has become tradition for people to write down their experiences and tuck these sheets away in the room or in the footlocker near the bed. And mind you, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of sheets of paper. Seems like everyone who stays there makes some sort of contact.

So what did the guys come up with?

Well, they bring out the PX Device and claim to get responses. Zak claims to see the outline of a woman when taking pictures with the full spectrum camera. And when Zak and Aaron sleep in two bedrooms Jerusha is supposed to visit them both and they claim to get all sorts of sensations. They even feel like they’re being teased by someone.

This episode really isn’t about the evidence (I don’t think they capture much), but it is probably one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen them do. We get a glimpse of Zak trying to play the piano Forte so he can serenade Jerusha. There is Zak slipping and falling on the ice with his head bouncing off the ground making it quite a spectacular crash. And there is the three of them sitting around the dinner table having a romantic dinner and looking quite awkward amongst all the other couples.

I think this episode was fun because the guys just seem to be goofing around. Who knows if they actually experienced anything, but it was great watching them try to woo the lady.

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