Ghost Adventures – Peabody Whitehead Mansion – S06E02

For this episode, Zak, Nick and Aaron head out to Colorado to investigate the Peabody – Whitehead Mansion, a location that is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a doctor who lost too many patients during the war and Governor Peabody who ruled over this town with an iron fist, breaking up unions and showing no signs of gratitude for workers of any kind.

Like the previous episode, this one sort of goes all over the place looking for a direction to follow. They start of at the mansion with Phil Goodstein who comes across as a little nuts, a little eccentric, a little overzealous and in desperate search for his 15 minutes of fame. His self-promotion and quoting his own book is annoying to say the least. I’m sure he has a ton of knowledge and information to offer and share, but wow, you just want to run the other direction.

After that meandering diatribe they meet up with Nicole who tells them about a tour she took where the guide talks of a rape and murder. To be honest, this is the stuff of urban legend. I’ve heard dozens of stories where someone is murdered and their body is walled up inside the building or cemented into the foundation. Since this event took place in the 70’s, there should be some sort of record of the crime either with the police, the newspapers or something. This is the part that always seems off to me. Stories like this take on a life of their own and everyone seems to talk about them, but when you go looking for evidence you come up empty. Like with so many other ghost stories, maybe you need to get a nugget of truth before sharing this kind of story with everyone you come across. As I’ve said before, these kinds of story are 99% rumor and have grown in breadth and scope with every retelling.

Did I miss something or did we really not get into the history of this place? It was built by Doctor Whitehead who apparently had a less than spectacular career. It wasn’t something they spent too much time on, but it sounds like he lost far more patients than the saved. And was he haunted by the spirits of the patients he lost or by his own incompetence?

Additionally, there is Governor Peabody who was apparently a badass when it came to dealing with unions. He no tolerance for them and went out of his way to crush them. Ok, so the guy was an asshole and a rich one at that, what were his specific crimes? Did he pay to have people taken out? Did he abuse and beat employees? What did he physically do to them? Sounds like a real prize, but I don’t see where he is responsible for anything. Maybe I missed that.

As we get more of the history of the house we hear another cliche story about the place. How many times have we heard this one? A young woman falls madly in love only to lose her love and pine away. In her ultimate desperation she takes he own life because she simply can’t go on.

To try and find some validity to the stories they’re hearing, the guys go off to the University of Colorado at Denver to talk with Doctor Noel who’s a History Professor at the University. He’s never heard of the stories and doesn’t sound too convinced about them being real. However, he does offer up some information that the local student center might have a checkered past. It used to the Tivoli Brewery and there were some accidents which may have taken some lives. Not too many specifics I’m afraid, but Zak and the gang do a quick investigation there. They pick up what sounds like some voices and some footsteps. Is it really, "get back there"?

The non-nonsensical part of this story involves the wait staff at the local restaurant. The closing of several businesses is blamed on the ghost of Governor Peabody. I’m not sure I understand the rationale here. He didn’t like people so he made these businesses fail by ensuring they ended up with clumsy waitstaff? Uh, what the hell? I’m just not on board with that one.

And then the experiment they try has me baffled as well. They’re going to eat five meals and see if the staff has some sort of experience? Where did this idea come from and what is it going to prove? Let’s see, these people know who you are and what you do, you keep saying "is this weird?", "have you ever done anything like this before", "this might seem odd" and don’t anticipate this will have an impact on a person? Wouldn’t you naturally assume they would then start to think it’s odd, weird and unusual and because of that their mind would start looking for, expecting and experiencing things that aren’t really there? How suggestive can you be?

Nothing against the two waiters, but is it really that unusual to have red hands when working in the kitchen? After all those suggestions are planted into your head you wonder why you feel creepy? Serving five meals to three guys in the dark for no good reason would make me feel weird too. I can’t buy into this experiment at all. I don’t see that it proves a thing.

I also don’t see why they brought UFC Fight Brendan Schaub into the investigation. We’ve seen this kind of silliness from the Ghost Hunters. There’s nothing wrong with the guy and in fact he seems an alright kind of guy, but I don’t get the angle here.

Once the investigation finally gets underway the main focus is to try and find out about the rape and murder. In fact, I would say they’re fixated on it. They try to find out who did the crime and feel they get a voice saying "she was raped". He follows that up with "it is violent here." The voice makes reference to a body being buried by the street and says "found it" when Zak goes to a certain spot of the basement. Interesting to be sure, but have the wound themselves up so tightly that no matter what came across the end result would be the same? Did they expect to hear something like this so that’s exactly what they interpret it as?

The voice follows up with "he’s scared" and when asked "who’s scared" the voice replies with Brendan, the UFC fighter. It’s funny and a little odd. Are they really having a conversation? Are they really getting voices that know about the murderous events and can see that Brendan is a little freaked out? Some parts of this investigation have some validity, others seem absurd.

When all is said and done it’s hard to know what to believe with this one. The events listed here and the same old stories we’ve heard a dozen times before. The details are completely lacking and the investigation is so single-minded that you could have predicted the outcome before it even started. When you build things up like this you’ll hear what you want to hear and you’ll see what you want to see. I think there is a lot of bias here and even crazy Phil has his own agenda going on here.

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  • Chrissy Westrick says:

    wondering if they ever did find a body buried under the Peabody-Whitehead mansion? No one seems to know. There is a memorial dedication to “Cathy Smith” at the end of the Ghost Adventures episode. No explanations.

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