Ghost Adventures – Portland Oregon – Shanghai Tunnels – S06E01

So here we are again with a new season of Ghost Adventures and Zak, Nick and Aaron head off to Portland Oregon to investigate the Shanghai Tunnels. Interestingly, these are the same kinds of tunnels that are rumored to be under the streets of Savannah. Unfortunately, the city of Savannah hasn’t turned their tunnels into a tourist attraction. That’s a darn shame too, because if they exist it’s part of their past and they should embrace it rather than trying to gloss over it.

But anyway, in the 1850’s there was a practice of grabbing sailors from saloons and enslaving them on sailing ships. Sailors would drink to much or be drugged and in their inebriated state would be bound, thrown into the tunnels and then whisked out to a waiting vessel. From there, they would be taken far out to sea before they woke up and made their escape. The practice is rumored to have happened in just about every seafaring city out there. Considering the time, the morals and scruples it’s hard to imagine it not being true. A rough fate for a rough trade. So do the spirits of those who didn’t actually make it out onto the boat still haunt the locale?

It takes a hell of a long time before we get to try and answer that question. This episode turns into a longer than normal documentary. There are certainly several stories of ill deeds, but we jump away from the taverns and saloons and turn our attentions to ladies of the night. Zak and the team go for a police ride-along to investigate what they call modern Shanghaiing. I suppose the argument could be made that prostitution is somewhat equivalent, but this whole sideline seems a bit confusing to me. I’m amused that everyone seem to recognize Zak and the show, even the girl being arrested. I’m all for the documentary aspect, but this episode seems to be going in three directions at once.

So what about the evidence? Using the spirit box they claim to get "he fell" and "where are you?" Is someone looking for a victim? Do we agree with the voices in the recorder? Zak also claims to see a female figure in the shadows. However, as they continue to ask questions the voice changes to that of a male. Is Zak being propositioned or did they just pick up a radio station? Could it even be one of the victims? I have to say, Zak seems almost obsessed with the bed in the tunnels and the idea of prostitution. It’s kind of funny, but it does border on an 8 year old doing the investigation.In this area they feel they get a lot of voices talking about getting drunk and being beaten.

As they keep investigation they hear the sound of door opening, unexplained footsteps and then their shadow detector device starts to go off. There is a wispy fog that appear on the camera. Is someone walking through the field? Are the footsteps coming from upstairs? That does make sense, except Hobo’s is closed at the moment. Is it footsteps from another building or perhaps the street? It’s an interesting bit of activity and as Zak states it could be from traffic or something else causing vibrations through the area.

The big evidence capture of the night is on the thermal imager. Zak feels he captures a mass moving across the screen. Is this the outline of a spirit still trapped in the Shanghai tunnels? Is it just an odd shadow on the screen?

It’s hard to deny that the practice of kidnapping people and Shanghaiing them was practiced in this area. It’s also hard to argue that lives were lost as people either tried to fight for their freedom and lost or simply died from neglect. If you’re willing to steal people to make a living, you’re probably not all that concerned with their well being.

Anyway, an interesting piece of history and a very unique side of Portland that I certainly wasn’t aware of. So what do you think? Does the evidence show spirits still trapped down there after being drugged and beaten?

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