Paranormal Lockdown – Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – S01E01

image It’s been quite awhile since we last saw Nick Groff and even longer since we saw Katrina Weidman. At first, I couldn’t place the name, but as soon as the show started, she is easily recognizable from her time on Paranormal State with Ryan Buell. Now the two have partnered up with a slightly new take on the Ghost Adventures lockdown. They will spend 3 consecutive days within the location, documenting and recording their experiences. For their first outing the head back to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, perhaps the most recognizable and perhaps largest paranormal location.

Even though she’s done her share of investigations, this is Katrina’s first experience with Trans-Allegheny and things get off to an usual start. Before they’re even set up, Nick says he sees a dark figure in the corner and within the Women’s Auxiliary building, they feel something is watching them and believe they pick up a voice.

Lots of groups have been to this location to investigate and there is no shortage or terrible tales to tell. Considering the state of mental health facilities, it’s hard not to believe them. One such account comes from a former employee who talks about the violent patients of Ward F. She relays the story of two men who were hung and then beaten in an unprovoked attack. The two victims had the mental capacity of children which makes you wonder why they were mingling with such dangerous men. Perhaps overcrowding forced them together.

As they start in Ward F, Nick brings out a new device called the Geobox. It’s an all in wonder box that contains EMF, Ovulis and vibration detection. When they give it a test it comes back with the words, Nick and Come with us. Who knows if this thing works or not, but it looks pretty neat.

On the 4th floor, Nick picks up some words that confirm they are scared of the dark. The investigation is just getting started, but it’s the end of the first night. Since they are locked in, they’ll spend the night within the asylum. Nick will make camp on the 4th floor where he saw the shadow on his last visit and Katrina will stay in Ward F where the murder took place. Sleeping in the middle of all that would be unsettling.

The next day is a visit to the Women’s Auxiliary and the morgue. Katrina feels pain and pressure in her chest. They hear footsteps as though someone is walking. As they use the Geobox, they pick up the phrases, hello, don’t say a word, no and I’m telling you. At first listen it sounds like the voices are in conflict with each other. In order to see if the voices have an intelligence, Katrina says that if they can repeat her name, they’ll leave the room. And so the box gives out the word Katrina.

On the previous visit, Nick put himself into the morgue storage, so Katrina does the same to see what she will experience. She is treated to quite a few bangs and knocks.

Some other familiar faces show up to help with the investigation, namely Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. Amy was a regular on Ghost Hunters, so this is turning into a paranormal reunion. As Adam and Amy take a tour around the place, they do some EVP work and pick up the phrase "Hello Adam". And as Nick and Katrina are investigating, the cameraman let’s known his concern that there is some dark mass moving right behind them. Neither Katrina nor Nick, see, hear or feel anything, but the cameraman is sure he saw something and points to something moving on his screen.

It’s pretty interesting to see Nick at the reins of a new show and going a little bit further with the lockdown approach. It’s a bit disappointing they didn’t investigate, or at least we didn’t see them tour the grounds during the day. Considering Nick got some activity as soon as he walked in the door he should have followed up on that.

It would have also been interesting for them to document just what kind of noises and what sort of atmosphere the place has during the daylight hours. Do they hear the same knocks and bangs? Would they still get EVPs in Ward F and other locations if they asked question during the regular operation hours of the facility? Very few have gone that route and Nick had a real opportunity to give it a try. Maybe nothing happens during that time but it would have been interesting to see that they tried.

There is no doubt this asylum is eerie and strange. With all the stories being told and with the building in it’s pretty derelict condition, it’s no wonder you can have all sorts of experiences within it’s walls. But let’s not forget, visiting this site is part of a business and it wouldn’t pay if people said your haunted attraction wasn’t haunted.

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