The Dead Files – Lizzie Borden House – S02E01

I’m by no means a fan of this show, (I had such high hopes when it first came on) but I’m intrigued by the location. So when Amy and Steve got a call from the owner asking them to investigate strange occurrences in the now Bed and Breakfast, I thought it was worth a look.

We’ll skip over Amy’s flailing arms and the multitude of silly faces she makes and get to the heart of the matter. She basically makes the claim that the murders took place due to sexual abuse and incest. While doing her walkthrough, she gets the feeling Andrew Borden sexually abused his daughters. She continually says there was a lot of "freaky" sex things going on in the house. When talking to her assistant, she says she sees Lizzie and her sister sexually involved with each other. She also believes that Lizzie and her sister were both involved in the murder.

That is one hell of a bombshell to drop. Despite the fact there is really no true evidence to support these claims, how valid is the idea? The level of violence suggests some serious levels of rage. You don’t do that sort of damage while in the middle of stealing trinkets off the fireplace mantel. The bodies were defiled in their own way, and the sheer number of blows and weapon of choice somewhat indicate a sexual outlet.

I think it’s been said before, that due to the violence of the scene, the murderer would have been intimately familiar with the family and it wouldn’t have been a random event. The abuse would certainly make sense and shed light on the motives. But the opportunity and how it was all carried out is still unknown. Amy also makes the comment that Lizzie is mentally ill. Was she driven to madness over the events or did she succumb to disease? From everything I’ve read she was considered quite mentally sound and I haven’t seen anything that says she began to deteriorate as she got older. Is she picking up on someone else? Is she out in left field?

Another odd piece is the Ouija Board. Let me just state, I put no value in a Ouija other than it being neat to look. I don’t believe a cardboard cutout with writing on it is a direct communication device to the spirit world. If that were so, you could tune in the Bible or any other religious text like a radio. And if it is so damn easy to communicate with the dead using one, why isn’t anyone in the paranormal field using it? It makes a lot more sense than getting spirits to turn flashlights on and off or scanning through radio waves. But moving on…

There just happens to be a Ouija tossed under the couch where Mr. Borden died? Coincidence? Prop? Set up? And is Amy saying that the guests and employees have actually been able to make contact with the Borden’s and those spirits want them to stop? They’re tired of all the questions? If you’re making contact people, ask what the hell happened? That side story seemed to have some direction, but ultimately didn’t go anywhere. Have people made contact? Did they get any interaction? Seems like we may have had something there.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Ghost Hunters did an investigation of the Lizzie Borden house and concluded there was no activity there. The Ghost Adventures team investigated and felt they got plenty of evidence to support Lizzie was there. They even believe they spoke to her.

So what do we have here? Were Lizzie and her sister victims of sexual abuse and incest? Were they forced to have a relationship with each other (while the father watched)? Did the girls have a misguided love for each other that the father tried to stop and because of his interference he was punished? Did the mother stand by and let everything happen? Was the mother at the helm of the abuse and the father did nothing? Was it both of them? Did Amy uncover some new evidence or did she just heap more myth and accusations onto an already convoluted case?

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4 Responses to The Dead Files – Lizzie Borden House – S02E01

  • Falloutgrrl says:

    I had high hopes for this show too. But seeing Amy do a walk threw makes me want to karate chop her in the throat. First of all about 12 yrs ago she was on a show “the haunting” & she was just an investigater. No psychic powers, just EVP & cameras. She never mentioned she could talk to the dead…. She had mediums on the haunting, she wasn’t one of em. Now she suddenly has this gift?? I watched a few episodes where she actually told these terrified homeowners to leave cause the ghost wants them dead. Really?! I mean really?! I have no idea how her husband (the guy with the pointless camera cause we all know the guy filming the show has one too…stupid) if I were her husband I’d have to restrain from popping her in her stupid scary ghost baby act face. Oh My God, she is a true fake. I live in historic st. Augustin & havent met a good psychic yet! & trust me, we have many many many here!!

  • trinabeanah says:

    I also loved the premise and tried to enjoy the show, but Amy’s antics make it unwatchable!
    I had on the bio channel and playing was Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal: Season 3, Episode 6 Messages from the Dead: The Lizzie Borden Case (21 Nov. 2010) and I saw the Ouija Board in a corner of the room behind a chair while one of the girls talked… Surprise! Surprise! No hysteria over it in that episode. Just thought it was interesting Amy got in the same room with it & lost her mind on The Dead Files: Season 2, Episode 1 The Lizzie Borden House (20 Apr. 2012)

  • Tinabina8369 says:

    First of all, the author of this article is completely clueless as to anything related to the spirit world. The same goes for the two previous people who commented. And as far as her stating or not indicating that she is a medium is false. There are many types of mediums or “sensitives”. I am a sensitive myself, but I don’t talk to the dead. My twin sister is also a medium and she doesn’t talk to the dead either. Also, she and I have different gifts. Mine is energy related (making me an Empath, for the living and those on the other side) and hers is plain information. In the episodes where they call in other mediums, that doesn’t prove that she didn’t have the gift, it could mean that at that point in her life, she wasn’t fully aware of what she was capable of or couldn’t fully accept it, or didn’t know how to control it. She actually has since explained that they called someone else in because a different type of medium was needed. I have been sensitive my entire life but couldn’t fully accept it until recently, at age 32. And as to the whole Ouija board, your comment was so….. moronic, and leads me to believe you know nothing of what you are talking about. A bible is a book. A Ouija board is a conduit, like a bridge of communication and is non denominational. The bible is a Christian book of parables and instruction and in no way can it convey a message or answer a question. People like Amy, who freak out in the presence of one aren’t crazy, they are protecting themselves. Ouija boards are not toys. I refuse to be in any private home or anyplace that has an out of the box board because that means that obviously someone is playing with fire. I have even broken up with someone for bringing it into their house just for shit and giggles. Your comments are laughable and ignorant. And just to inform you, anyone can make a Ouija. All you need is a paper to write the alphabet, numbers and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’; and something like a clear ashtray or something similar for whatever entity (not always human) to convey their comment/answer. I would assume that someone writing an article on this subject or even mentioning it in a greater article, would respect their readers enough to not be so misinformed or make light of things they obviously have no respect for or knowledge of. Good day.

  • RottenOne says:

    The Bible or any other religious book is paper and letters. The Ouija is cardboard and letters. The fact you say the Bible conveys no message or answers a question goes in the face of nearly a billion people who use it for exactly that.

    My point was, and still is, that the Ouija is no more spiritual than a Scrabble board. And that every claims is so gosh darn easy to speak to the dead or get evil to answer, but yet, God seems so hard to reach and you have to have “faith”.

    If you want to be scared of a Ouija or give it special powers, that is your right. I don’t see the Ouija as any more powerful than using a phone book or deck of cards. By your own statement, something with letters, we should all be scared to death of Scrabble or Upwords as it could conjure the spirit world and be a conduit to evil.

    I don’t believe that simply because you hold a Bilble or any other religious text in your hand makes you religious. I don’t believe that putting down a Ouija makes it a conduit. That is buying into Hollywood nonsense.

    Despite what people may think, Witchboard was NOT a documentary. :)

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