Haunted Highway – Louisiana Swamp Woman and Pioneer Cemetery – S01E05

Louisiana Swamp Woman

In the intro to this episode Jack reveals that he has been diagnosed with MS and is handing over the reigns of the investigation to Jael and Devin. I wish Jack the best of luck with his medical treatments and hopefully we’ll see him soon.

Louisiana Swamp Woman

The story goes there were plans to steal away the Natchez Indian land and the tribe retaliated by killing two hundred French settlers. The French didn’t take too kindly to that and sent down 8,000 troops to deal with the Indians. Blood was shed, lives were lost and the tripe was wiped out. It’s rumored there was one lone survivor.

Jael and Devin head out to Cotile Lake where it’s rumored the woman fled to. There is location of multiple sightings.

While out near the lake they hear lots of noises, which would be typical and we have Devin slipping into the lake. I’m impressed that he discounts this as just him slipping and not some paranormal event.

However, there is an odd cold spot they keep chasing around the lake. It looks like a blue figure showing up in different spots. Each time they get close it seems to disappear and show up somewhere else.

Is there such a thing as the Swamp Woman, a sort of Siren that leads people out into the water and drowns them? I don’t think the evidence really confirms that, but Devin has his own opinions about what he saw and experienced.

Pioneer Cemetery

This is the legend of woman that has been separated from her family after her death. He husband and children were buried together, but due to a family feud, she hasn’t been laid to rest with them. It’s said her spirit can be said near their plot in the cemetery and that she comes to play with the children.

Jael sets up a test for a child to play with a ball. She also puts up a wind chime that will move with very slight breezes. Strangely, when she steps out of frame, the ball goes flying off it’s perch. I’m always suspicious right after the investigators go out of frame.

Next is Devin provoking some horse thieves with his noose over the tree branch. He tries to get a reaction and go so far as to put his neck in the noose. Moments later he claims the rope is hot around his neck.

Finally, as Jael and Devin are together near the gravesite of the family there appears to be some sort of blur just off to the side of them. Is this the figure of the mom? Is this just matrixing from the camera?

So did they capture evidence of a mother and her son playing in the cemetery? Did a spirit energy kick the ball? Are there apparitions roaming the grounds? Did they get enough out of this investigation to draw a real conclusion? There were some strange occurrences, but are they truly attributable to the paranormal?

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