Haunted Collector – Enfield Horror and Masonic Spirits – S02E11

Enfield Horror

In this episode, John and the team visit a house that is just plain nuts. Even if that large outline on the floor in the shape of a body isn’t a bloody stain and even if the baby monitor didn’t pick up "you’re all going to die", the number of deaths in house is off the charts.

However, there is plenty about this place that is perfectly normal. Brian makes a very nice discovery that the glowing red eyes are more than likely the street light right outside the bedroom window!

As with so many of these, the activity in the house seems non-existent. They find a necklace and say it’s the root of evil? This little horn starts to light up on it’s own? I’m not buying that. This idea of self-illumination is just a little too far fetched for me. Where are the readings they took after it lit up?

So John takes it to be analyzed and finds out it might be a charm and may be associated with the Italians. Why not talk to someone of Italian decent and find out? That would be an original idea.

In John’s mind, since it may be of Italian decent and it may have been worn by the Italian who killed a woman he was infatuated with before killing his own family, this must the item he’s looking for? Damn, that’s a lot of maybe’s right there. It’s a neat story, but it’s all held together pretty loosely.

This is all pretty thin…

Regardless of anything else, how can a place like that be on the market? It took these guys a single day to find a slew of deaths associated with this house. How can they sell a place like that? Seems like there is a massive lawsuit to be had here. If none of this was told to the new owners it seems like they deserve a sack of money and that house should be torn down and then burned. Or turned into a tourist attraction.

Masonic Spirits

For this investigation the team visits a Masonic Lodge that has some odd noises apparitions visiting.

The masonic lodge has some strange artifacts like a couple of coffins. It’s very likely those are the real deal and not just ceremonial. If they did indeed transport the dead, why would those the prime suspect? If they’re not actually being used, why the hell are they there? That seems a little odd. Again, if people thing these items are at fault, why do they keep them? Get rid of the damn things and see if the problems go away.

But on with the investigation that reveals pretty much nothing. There is the voice of, "Morgan" and the sound of something dripping. Morgan is assumed to be a General and the dripping leads them to a tool for blood letting, a common practice during the time. They naturally assume this is the culprit. It’s a common tool and may have been used for as much good as harm. Sure, by today’s standards it’s completely useless, but in it’s day it may have saved lives. Even though it has no readings and doesn’t present any more of a threat than anything else, let’s chuck it away. Why? Because it’s not Masonic.

Once again, since this place was used as a medical facility are we really going to believe this is the only medical tool in the place? There’s not a single other thing related to the medical field? Noting else that would have caused pain and suffering? What about shell casings, or rifles or any of the other Civil War items that must be in that area? This is it? Come on.

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