Haunted Collector – Haunted Island and Ghosts Of Maui – S02E12

Haunted Island

John and the group head off to the big island of Hawaii to some investigations for a couple of business owners. They first visit a former pineapple plantation where several people have had experiences with the windows flying open and then slamming shut, as well as beds shaking and not being able to move.

Right off the bat, these seem to have pretty normal explanations. It sounds like sleep paralysis and activity from volcanoes. I’m sure Hawaii has a near constant stream of seismic activity so a bed shaking would be normal. That would also shake and rattle all the windows. Is that exactly what happened with this? Who knows, but it’s just as likely and explanation as anything else.

So what does the investigation yield? John experiences the same odd behavior with the windows. Or at least one of them. There is a bang as he tries to record some EVPs. They head outside, it’s a calm night by the way, and discover a room underneath the porch. It turns out this was the servants quarters. It’s a pretty cramped little area so I doubt they would have been happy. While there is no corroborating evidence, it is believed that the original owner may have been abusive to his workers. It is also rumored that one of the female workers committed suicide on the property, perhaps even in the bed they discovered in the living quarters. It’s also noted that there are tea leaves wrapped around the posts of the bed. This is believed to ward off evil spirits and bind them in place, in this instance, bind the evil spirits to the bed. Did a woman kill herself in this bed and leaves were tied to it to keep her spirit from harming other people? Is she haunting the property and trying to get attention or perhaps vengeance against the current owners? Is a spirit really responsible for the events taking place or do they have more earthly explanation?

Ghosts of Maui

John and the team investigate the Iao Theater an old vaudeville theater from the 1920s where it’s said the apparition of woman appears. They also experience the windows opening and closing and lights going on and off. Since this location has the same issue as the previous one, it seems the window issue is more natural than supernatural. It really does sound like the seismic activity and the weather play a large part in explaining the phenomenon.

John and the team break open the time capsule that’s been attached to the building. Inside they discover an old film canister containing a small piece of old film and some postcards showing what the land looked like at the time.

While doing their investigation they capture an EVP of chanting which they associate with the Iao warriors that were killed in a bloody battle.

They also capture a white misty figure floating across the stage. Ok, let’s just stop things right here. The absolutely looked like a projected image onto the stage. It’s jerky, it shakes up and down and looks more like Casper the Ghost than anything else. I fully expected Velma to yell "Jinkies" and then come running out to reveal the projector. Maybe that was an apparition, but egad, that looked absolutely man made and some of the worst special effects out there. I’m not calling that a fake, but damn, that was a fake.

To try and calm the spirits, John makes a small little tribute to the actress in the short film. They place the time capsule items in a display case so that everyone can see it. It’s a nice gesture, but doesn’t seem to do anything.

I’m still firmly convinced that everything these people experience are natural occurrences and that if the white figure wasn’t a complete hoax it was a reflection from something outside. I refuse to believe it’s an actual spirit.

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