Bates Motel – The Series

image Here’s another prequel featuring a very strange character we’ve all come to know. Welcome to the early childhood of Norman Bates, son of Norma Bates and awkward high school student who is somewhat starting his life over as he and his mother take over a hotel business in the aftermath of Norman’s father’s death.

Norman is just trying to fit in, but as we quickly see there is a lot of dysfunctionality going on in that family. It’s seems dad was a touch on the abusive side, Norman suffers from blackouts and can easily be thrown into an insane range when his mother is threatened. Not only is Norman the typical horny teen, he also seems to have a penchant for Manga and his mom. After finding a mysterious book under the carpet of a room they had to renovate to remove the bloodstains, Norman spends many hours going over the somewhat torture-porn tinged pages.

But wait, there’s more. We have Bradley who gives Norman a taste of that which he craves followed by a cold shoulder. We have Emma who’s willing to fill that void. We have cops who are versed at looking the other way when it comes to certain crimes and pot fields. And we have the estranged brother who has nothing kind to say about dear old mom, but is still willing to open fire to protect her. Oh yeah, Norman has seen some violence in his day.

And he seems to have gotten himself caught in the middle of some Asian Sex Slave ring and the mastermind wants to continue his business at the new hotel – if only he can find his special book.

This is a wild story that beginning to spin a pretty tricky web. This is another series where the same plot continues from episode to episode. Each one dugs us deeper into the muck and sheds light on all sorts of problems in Norman, his family and what is to come later.

This makes a fine partner to Hannibal. They are both working toward an end we already know and show the twisted path of what it takes to get there.It’s a pretty crazy ride if you’re willing to keep your eyes open.

Anyone else checking into the Bates Motel? What do you think so far? Do you think A&E has enough content to make a few seasons of this show?

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